Crush Them All MOD APK (Free upgrade) 2.0.544

Updated 28/11/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameCrush Them All APK
PublisherGodzilab Inc
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesFree upgrade
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Crush Them All MOD APK Information

Free hero upgrades and jobs.

Introduce MOD APK Crush Them All

Monsters have always been a great danger to mankind from time immemorial. To destroy, we need very talented heroes. Those who possess special powers are stronger than those who can defeat them. Fight with us to protect the peace of humanity. Do you also have a dream of becoming a superhero from a young age? Do you always want to become a powerful superhero defending humanity? Come to Crush Them All to experience the feeling of becoming a hero. If you need sexiness in the game, perhaps Noblesse: Zero with WEBTOON or School Girl: Dungeon RPG will fulfill that.

Go to the top of the through the land of bloodthirsty demons. Defeat the demons of the greatest size to rescue the princess. Follow the immersive auto-gameplay with 2D and highly detailed visuals. You will experience the powerful and top-notch combat of the knights. Use your squad management skills to fuse heroes and hit the road. The most terrible monsters are waiting for you in the most sparkling places. Pick up your sword and fight and defeat us in the most glorious battles. Find a strong feeling for yourself.

Crush Them All mod apk

Download Crush Them All mod – Fight with terrible monsters.

When playing Crush Them All, you will command a team of warriors. You are on the mission to take them through the evil land and rescue the princess. You and the team of you will come up the way of the monster with the awful size. The most interesting thing is that in this game, you will not need any controls. You just need to earn money from killing monsters and summoning more heroes. So you can play while doing anything else without worrying about affecting the playing process. Combine a squad of the strongest heroes by unlocking when enough money. They will fight for you anytime and anywhere.

Crush Them All mod download

Collect and upgrade

To must date a far more in the screen, you will be make up the team strong more by collecting heroes through the game screen and choosing the right ones. Arrange them into a complete team so you can fight continuously. Not only that, you must upgrade to help them increase their own strength. Help them destroy more monsters like bring more loot for you. You can use this money to keep upgrading and changing your lineup flexibly. Don’t arrange your composition in a random and unordered way because it will be unsystematic and will become weaker and unable to go furthest.

Crush Them All mod android

Create object

Not only upgrading for heroes, but you can also craft other products yourself. You may have to create them by how to use your resource from the following screen. These materials can be combined into powerful weapons to equip heroes. When equipped with these weapons, your hero will become much stronger than before. Plus additional equipment such as jewelry or armor. Your hero will be powerful enough to deal with harder levels and stronger monsters. Helps you with more and more valuable booty. Create the strongest team.

Crush Them All mod free

Guild battles

You can join the guilds formed by other players and alliances to create collective strength. Together with your guild, destroy the most terrible monsters and bring great rewards to the game. Let’s show some basic strategies to be able to face these monsters. Find our weaknesses and exploit them in a maximized way so you can defeat them quickly. Please lead your clan to the most glorious victory. Together, share the worthy rewards the whole team receives and increase the friendship.

Crush Them All mod apk free

Explore interesting functions

You can set up your team of heroes to fight monsters when you are away. Upon return, you will receive countless rewards for which they have been collected. There are more than 1000 rounds of play for you to satisfy the power of fighting without causing frustration when playing. Each round is a new test for you to conquer. Please upgrade your weapons strongly so we can do more damage to the monsters. Help your hero fight easily and become stronger. Download Crush Them All mod now to manage yourself the most powerful hero team. Lead them to destroy monsters that do not recover to bring back valuable rewards.

How to Download & Install Crush Them All MOD APK (Free upgrade) for Android


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