School Girl: Dungeon RPG MOD APK (Unlimited money, Potions) 1.09

Updated 31/10/2023 (4 months ago)
NameSchool Girl: Dungeon RPG APK
PublisherYummy School Games
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, Potions
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK School Girl: Dungeon RPG

Yandere Girls were first known in the Manga in Japan. Is a phrase to refer to girls who blindly love boys. And if that boy betrays or hurts them. They will kill their lover. Based on the quirky characters of a Yandere, the game School Girl: Dungeon RPG was released. Bring the action role-playing element quite attractive in a dark and dead setting. To make it easier, in the framework of this article. I’ll call the game School Girl. And now, start to learn only.

School Girl is a game with an anime theme but extremely unusual. Add the role-playing action role-playing element. The game puts us in ambiguity. Just know that you will control a Yandere girl wearing a pretty cute school uniform. In hand was a sharp sword in a bizarre space that looked like a dungeon. And so her journey began. Walk around the dungeon, find out what’s going on and encounter mysterious creatures.

School Girl mod

Download School Girl: Dungeon RPG mod – Exotic dungeon exploration

The interface in the game is quite similar to many other role-playing games. Your character still owns the buttons to move, attack, and execute moves as usual. 3D graphics allow covering the entire perspective of the character. Use the Joystick to move the character around this mysterious dungeon. During the adventure, it was inevitable to encounter monsters. Do not know where their origin is. Just know that they will attack you for no reason. What you can do is just retaliate and destroy those monsters. You will receive gold coins to cater to your needs.

During that adventure, it was normal to meet monsters and fight them. And certainly, apart from those weak people, there will be a powerful boss leading them. Of course, you will have to fight it. Must win in order to have the chance to survive. At the same time, attractive items and equipment will appear more when you have explored the dungeon enough. Please pay attention to your situation so that you will not encounter any problems.

School Girl mod apk free

Weapons with special effects

The weapons that your character equips on his body have certain special types. Not to the armor, thin and colorful jewelry effects. The highlight again lies in the sword, the main weapon of the girl. They are recited ancient spells and curses of the great gods. So each sword has a beautiful radiating effect around the character. Not to mention they also possess many powerful and unique moves of themselves. You can also upgrade them to higher ranks to deal more damage and effects to the enemy. The collection of magical weapons is also the hobby of many players in School Girl.

School Girl mod apk

Various locations for battle and plowing

The system of many different dungeons in architecture and area will take you a lot of time to explore. Enough to show their hugeness and diversity. However, the journey to explore such dungeons is not boring. When monsters are different in each place, they possess a different level of danger and shape, and strength. You can also find new mysterious weapons here. There are also gold mines surrounding such dungeons. Exploit lots of them to earn more gold. The only resource to upgrade equipment, buy more items.

School Girl mod mod

Strong companion pet

Don’t worry about having to explore this place alone. Because pets will accompany you everywhere the dungeons. As long as you spend a certain amount of money to recruit them. Immediately animals will appear right next to you. Little dragons, reptiles, and rare mythical animals will fight your enemies with you. The companions also possess many effects on the main character. Help increase your power to new heights. Creates many moves with incredible destructive power. Buy yourself a pet to reduce loneliness on this fierce battlefield.

School Girl mod free

If you have waited a long time to enjoy a new adventure survival game. Let School Girl satisfy you now. Although the graphics are not too shimmering and sharp like many other famous games. But importantly, it has an attractive combat mechanism. Quality bosses, powerful weapons, cute pets. Most importantly, it’s completely free. So if you just need an inexpensive, inexpensive role-playing game. Come to School Girl mod to meet your desires.

How to Download & Install School Girl: Dungeon RPG MOD APK (Unlimited money, Potions) for Android


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