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Posted 4 years ago by Thuỷ Dương

Over the past time, GameDVA received several Donate offers. Honestly, I am very grateful for that. We always try to upload lots of games and apps of all genres for people to enjoy. If we talk about difficulties GameDVA has a lot. And the cost of running the server is also relatively large. For example, for you to download fast 24/7, we have to pay high fees to rent good Server. However, the creation of this page is not to appeal to Donate. GameDVA works because of passion and wants to help people have fun relaxing moments.

How to Donate?

You can support in the ways below. Please pay attention to your spending, we are not happy when the money donated to GameDVA affects your life.







Please leave information

When donate, please leave any information such as your name, nickname and I would like to have your suggestions for us. GameDVA wants to remember the names of its supporters. We appreciate your support. That makes us feel meaningful and motivated to thrive.


GameDVA is developed by the passion of people who love games and applications on mobile phones. With the desire to make everyone happily entertained and continue to have more energy, we strive every day to provide more games. And remember everything is free!

Once again, thank you all!