Raid the Dungeon MOD APK (Menu, Dumb enemy, Multiply Hit Count) 1.47.1

Updated 30/11/2023 (1 week ago)
NameRaid the Dungeon APK
PublisherVALOFE Co., Ltd.
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Dumb enemy, Multiply Hit Count
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Raid the Dungeon MOD APK Information

  • V1: God mode/High Damage
  • V2: Menu, Dumb enemy, Multiply Hit Count

Introduce MOD APK Raid the Dungeon

Adventure through terrifying battles and dungeons in the game Raid the Dungeon. Horror battles are when you go against other opponents to choose the strongest one. Dungeons will never stop training you once you decide to enter them. On this path are heroes that will accompany you also in battles. Non-stop wars will come towards you, and it is also a challenge for you to open up your power constantly. The limit of the hero that impresses you will be released after the dungeon battles. Crush every war with other players with the immense force you gain.

The considerable enemies in the dungeon are things you need to fight constantly. You will be taken to every battle with extreme environments that challenge your strength. Different types of attacks need to be shown to each enemy to prove themselves. The joy of heroes is to appear on the battlefield and get victories. You will control them to confront challenging confrontations with various enemies. Each wave of attacks led by monsters would require close coordination on a large scale. Collect heroes and customize them to raid dungeons together.

Raid the Dungeon mod apk

Download Raid the Dungeon mod – Conquer dungeons with attacking heroes

A magical world in which unique quests must go through the process to complete. Those dungeons need to be conquered by the bravest heroes of the adventure. Every location where the dungeon can send the hero you control to different enemies. You can freely bring your hero to conquer each dungeon with control modes. You will decide on each hero attack combination to help you defeat the boss. Each of them falls means that your journey through the dungeon will soon be successful. Duel monsters on all fronts of the dungeon and use your hero to block their every move.

Raid the Dungeon apk

Dungeon war

Your heroes will go on adventures inside each dungeon against monsters. A new world where fierce battles are constantly taking place needs heroes with enough strength. The war is not random but because of the evil monsters that need to be destroyed. They have brought chaos to the world of heroes, and now they must pay for it. The calculation you make will accompany the heroes during each attack. Your hero can attack monsters by surprise by observing the opponent closely. The monster’s weak points will be the priority target you control the hero to hit.

Raid the Dungeon free

Strength of heroes

The battle’s outcome needs to be determined by your hero’s strength. The battles will wear down the fighting power of each hero you use against monsters. The breakthrough when they fight against monsters will not be made in the battles. This is when you level up your heroes in combat so they can confidently defeat the boss. It is not too difficult for you to find a way to overcome the limitations that your hero is facing. The weapons or equipment found in the dungeon will be indispensable in the journey. Collect them for the heroes to use and prepare an arsenal of powerful gear in battle.

Raid the Dungeon mod

Strategy against monsters

How you fight the hero against the monster will give you an advantage in the dungeon. Your hero needs to attack the type of monster you will face in battle. The heroic methods you control in combat need to be directed by you most reasonably. Each location you lead the hero to will determine whether or not the monster will be destroyed. Rivals in the arena are always a means for you to test the strength of heroes. Avoid being ahead of too many enemies while your ability is weak to survive. Correctly make decisions and steer the hero through the dungeon monster levels.

Raid the Dungeon android

The warriors have entered the monster’s dungeon one by one, under the control of the brave. You also need to join the wars with them so you can’t be left behind. In this journey, you will be accompanied by a hero of your choice to fight monsters. Attacks from dungeons had to be prevented because of the destruction brought by monsters. The hero’s perspective will show you what a righteous fight is. The constantly appearing monsters will force you to have the right strategy for the hero to fight. Download Raid the Dungeon mod to choose one of the heroes and join them in a dungeon raid.

How to Download & Install Raid the Dungeon MOD APK (Menu, Dumb enemy, Multiply Hit Count) for Android


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