Day R Premium MOD APK (MEGAMOD/Unlimited money, items) 1.802

Updated 22/02/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameDay R Premium APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMEGAMOD/Unlimited money, items
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Day R Premium

Have you ever imagined what the post-nuclear war world would be like? If a nuclear war happens, it’s hard to imagine. The destructive power of the atomic bomb is enormous, not only destroying the entire house. It also comes with air pollution or radioactive contamination. Humans can die if contaminated with radioactive substances. Sounds scary, right? So how can we live and survive after a nuclear war? And is it that scary? Download now the immersive Day R Premium and experience the game to get the best picture.

Day R Survival is a fantasy role-playing game about the post-nuclear war scene. They were launched by the publisher tltGames. It is a role-playing game but also has a survival tendency. However, this genre is now not too new and strange. But Day R Premium is an excellent game and worth the experience. The game is survival. To be able to survive in the game, players will have to perform the assigned tasks well. Are you curious about the picture of the post-nuclear war disaster?

Day R Survival

Download Day R Premium mod – Extreme survival battle

Overall, this game is a survival and role-playing genre with attractive and dramatic gameplay. Although, this genre is not new anymore when it comes to Day R Premium. Surely, the game will bring you a very special feeling, especially about the story and the gameplay. Most of all, it is about the graphic design in the game. With excellent image quality, it promises to bring players the most authentic experience. A harsh survival moment in a radioactive environment, houses are ruined.

Day R Survival donload free

Attractive gameplay

Day R Premium has the same gameplay as games of the same genre. In this game, players will be role-playing a character and start their survival life. You will be equipped with materials such as matches, firewood, and torches. For the most part, you won’t need to think too much. Day R Premium sets players a lot of tasks at all levels. By completing the assigned readings, you will unlock more advanced equipment. Challenges often require players to find items because Day R Premium is set in the post-nuclear war. So you can only search for items left after the battle and survive.

Day R Survival mod apk

Character appearance

The characters in Day R Premium are highly detailed and sophisticated. When you come to this game, you will get quite simple necessities, so you need to look for other necessary equipment to prepare for your survival. In particular, look for weapons to fight the attack of wild animals. In addition, you also need to equip yourself with clothes before cold weather conditions. And search for the necessary materials to upgrade your outfit.

Day R Survival mod

Fully equipped warehouse

You will have a warehouse of equipment that is extremely necessary for your life. Full of necessities, bandages, or pots and pans. Comes with a flashlight, motorbike, drink, or food. However, this equipment was not provided from the outset. You can own them when you collect the necessary items. And complete all his missions. Weapons like axes and guns are very important. It can be a powerful weapon to help you destroy wild animals quickly.

Day R Survival apk

Join the battle

Together, fight and destroy the wild animals. Be careful with your life because these animals are very aggressive. In addition to wild animals, you also need to watch out for other enemies. They are human, but they will find a way to destroy you in order to survive. In the post-war period, they probably want to kill you to take what you have. So preparing weapons that can destroy the enemy quickly will help you survive better. Living in the forest will have a lot of wild animals, so be especially careful with them.

Day R Survival donload

This is really a very attractive and interesting game. It helps players experience survival life. And imagine how devastating the post-nuclear war context will be. Everything was destroyed and became a wasteland. Everyone alive has to find things and is almost going back to old times. When the war was over, almost everyone lost their lives. All electrical systems are broken. There is no person providing food or food. Are you curious about that survival life? Try to see how it will be? Day R Premium is a great game to explain it to you!

How to Download & Install Day R Premium MOD APK (MEGAMOD/Unlimited money, items) for Android


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1 year ago

Thanks you update game but i believe you forget to add event coins please in event game currency is useless event have his own currency. please update the game

1 year ago

Food and water medisin unlimit different part biggers tools fix

2 years ago

Pls.need free craft version thanks for the other mod version,can you update this app with version 1.709

2 years ago

Tnx but free craft pls…

2 years ago

It should be updated to v1.702