Star Conflict Heroes 3D RPG Online MOD APK (Unlimited money, energy)

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NameStar Conflict Heroes 3D RPG Online APK
PublisherGaijin Distribution KFT
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, energy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Movies and stories about space war are always popular. A distant future with spaceships and advanced technology. Humans can often see the vast universe through the windows of a spaceship. Many strange races in the universe appeared and interact with people. Realize your dream of flying into space with Star Conflict Heroes 3D RPG Online. Control the powerful combat spaceships of the future.

Many players are passionate about games related to the universe and modern technology. But the popular games with high graphics make you tired and lose too much money. To solve this problem, the game maker has brought to us the game Star Conflict Heroes 3D RPG Online. For you to freely experience the interesting and interesting things of the universe for free. An RPG game with vibrant graphics and visuals. You will be able to fly your own spaceship and battle with other enemy spaceships. Use the high-tech weapons equipped on your ship to engage in battle. Destroy the enemy and bring victory.

Star Conflict Heroes 3D RPG Online download

Download Star Conflict Heroes 3D RPG Online mod – Fight in space

Coming to the world of Star Conflict Heroes 3D RPG Online you will be driving your own spaceship. You will have to fight enemy spaceships. Destroy them and get valuable loot for yourself. How to play will be extremely simple and interesting. Even beginners only need to spend 1 to 2 minutes to get acquainted with Star Conflict Heroes 3D RPG Online. The system will guide you to play meticulously. Use skill buttons to attack enemy ships during your turn. When the enemy is destroyed, you will win and receive a reward to equip your ship. Be a smart player who uses all possibilities to win.

Star Conflict Heroes 3D RPG Online mod

The plot of the future

You will experience a very good story in Star Conflict Heroes 3D RPG Online. Set in the modern human future world. We have moved into space to live in spaceships. Suddenly one day a mysterious alien force appears. With the desire to annex the vast universe and enslave gentle people. They massacred many human spacecraft and kidnapped them. A battle fleet has been established and you are the commander. Your mission is to command the fleet to destroy all of them. Participate in the battle that shapes the future of the universe. Return peace and freedom to gentle people.

Star Conflict Heroes 3D RPG Online apk

Upgrade to fight

To be able to fight powerful enemies in Star Conflict Heroes 3D RPG Online you will have to become stronger. By upgrading the strength of your fleet. Use ingredients like drawings and modules earned from battles. These materials will make your ship stronger and equipped with more destructive weapons. Collect more modules through tough battles. Complete the given game quests to get the blueprints. Or can buy them in the store with money. Build yourself a powerful fleet. Fight and defeat enemy spaceships with intelligence and talent.

Star Conflict Heroes 3D RPG Online free

The fight is fierce

Far from other normal wars, space war is of a bigger nature. Large-scale weapons of destruction are used. Bombarded ships many times larger than conventional aircraft. A fleet of more than 50 different warships will gather together. Join an intergalactic war on an extremely large scale. decisive to the survival of mankind. By his own commanding ability and intelligent fighting skills. You will lead your own fleet to destroy the enemy. Fight with other players in PvP mode to show your talents. Compare individual skills and learn from combat experience together.

Star Conflict Heroes 3D RPG Online mod apk

Discover interesting things

A lot of the mysteries of the universe await you to discover in Star Conflict Heroes 3D RPG Online. Enjoy vivid 3D graphics with breathtaking battles. Feel the sound and vivid effects of the vast universe. Immerse yourself with the captivating music of the battle. You can bring your loved ones and friends together to fight side by side. Together immersed in a great war to protect the vast galaxy. Quickly download Star Conflict Heroes 3D RPG Online mod to become great commanders together. Use your combat experience to command a powerful fleet to fight the invaders.

Download Star Conflict Heroes 3D RPG Online MOD APK (Unlimited money, energy) for Android

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