The Beaten Path MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Unlimited money) 0.34

Updated 06/08/2023 (7 months ago)
NameThe Beaten Path APK
PublisherRusty Pug Entertainment
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK The Beaten Path

The Beaten Path opens an exciting adventure full of fun when playing the role of a mighty warrior. Gates and challenges appear everywhere, along with the existence of monsters. They have the part of getting in our hero’s way and making us falter. The player is given a map of the area in green. Above each area, there is a headquarters for each place. This is also an area where you can exploit minerals and enrich yourself. Besides attacking monsters, you also have to use movement skills to avoid the attack of these monsters.

The player will enter a level game; all the land areas are not unlocked. You must overcome all barriers, all youkai, to unlock this zone. When the request is completed, a white text appears. Then the long iron gate blocking the way was opened. In these areas, there are also obstacles; players can take advantage of these objects as hiding places. Thereby it is possible to avoid the spears coming from the evil monsters. After killing the monsters, they will explode into a cloud of gray smoke. Beneath each monster is a red warning energy circle.

The Beaten Pathm apk free

Download The Beaten Path mod – Overcome obstacles and monsters to unlock new lands.

The level game follows the vertical screen; players can explore the lands here. At the bottom of the screen, there is a circular virtual key. Inside this circle is a blue circle; the player moves the circle to control the character to move. To attack the monster, you need to move so that the hero’s weapon is facing the enemy. Then just tap the blue circle button to attack. It can cast swords, shoot arrows, and unleash special spells. Above each monster’s head, there are red horizontal bars representing their energy source.

The Beaten Path mod

Many strongholds

As mentioned above, depending on the different areas, there will be similar walls. Each place has terrain and obstacles suitable for each place. For example, inside an unfinished mine, there were torches flashing brightly. A river separates the two sides of the wall, and only a stone bridge crosses these two places. Or next to a forest edge with hundreds of years old pine trees. When encountering rivers, chances are there are hidden pitfalls here that you do not see. When going through each area, players need to take careful steps. Pay attention to each site to avoid being beaten down or attacked from afar.

The Beaten Path mod apk

Find items

If it’s just attacking and avoiding monsters, there’s nothing interesting. That’s why The Beaten Path offers secret gift chests along the way. Inside these item chests, there are countless different gifts. Energy cards to support you, new equipment cards. When opened, luck can pick up a card with maximum health to help you restore your health to the original. Or increase your weapon’s combat speed. Besides, there are also new items such as armour, shoes, and gloves;… If the gift box is rarer, it is carefully hidden. The player who opens it can receive many rare items that amplify the power.

The Beaten Path apk

Bosses and traps

In addition to the monsters that hinder, there are many bosses with super power. They stand in the way and attack the player in a rush. For example, passing through a lake, a black evil fish is twice the size of the player. Or the winged war dragons, standing spraying fire over the sky. Most of the monsters here have deformed shapes but contain infinite power—giant frogs, shaky limbs and extremely stubborn. There are also thorny spheres and bottomless pits. Impossible to put high walls or rocks in your way. Force you to face the monsters ahead.

The Beaten Path android

To get more vital day by day, character upgrading is indispensable. Thanks to the help of skill cards, you can increase other power stats. Equip more items with a large number of stars, and buy more support. Change a variety of weapons depending on the purpose and strategy of the battle. Your bow can shoot two or three arrows with fire. Or the sword slashed down repeatedly at the enemy. Download The Beaten Path mod to experience becoming a warrior to destroy the monsters invading the stronghold.

How to Download & Install The Beaten Path MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Unlimited money) for Android


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