Valorium MOD APK (Menu/Damage/Dumb Enemy) 1.5.2

Updated 14/07/2024 (1 week ago)
NameValorium APK
PublisherValorium Game Studio
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage/Dumb Enemy
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Valorium

Valorium MOD APK (Menu/Damage/Dumb Enemy) is where you will control powerful warriors against evil enemies. When entering the new world, you will be surprised by the modernity of science and technology. It is what helps everything develop beyond your imagination. This has helped the people live peacefully and unite until now. That’s because the dominant force discovered an energy stone with strange powers. It could provide enough fuel to power an entire planet for a long time. But that energy stone fell into the hands of someone with ambitions to take over the world.

The battles in Valorium will expose you to an evil and brutal enemy. He is willing to do everything to realize his plan to dominate Valery’s world. So thanks to the energy stone in his hand, he created an army of destructive robots. They will take on the mission of going to every planet in the galaxy to destroy them all. Therefore, if you want to protect your world and the safety of the universe, you must stand up and fight. But you will have to adventure through different planets to chase the evil doctor. Ready to fight anywhere in the universe to destroy Baron’s sinister plot.

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Download Valorium APK mod – Join heroes against evil enemies

You will participate in the wars to go to the galaxy to find a cruel doctor. He is the one who is guiding the army of destructive robots to attack other planets. With the power from the endless energy stone, he is about to achieve his goal. If that happens, he will take over all extra-galactic resources to strengthen his power. Finally, he will return to Valery with his invincible army to invade this place. So if you don’t want them to destroy the world, you need to accompany the heroes to fight. Then you will gradually destroy the evil robot army and destroy the enemy’s ambitions.

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Alliance of heroes

If you want to fight evil enemies, you must have enough strength and spirit to confront them. But you are just an ordinary person who has courage that not everyone has. So you will be accompanied by the most powerful heroes you have ever met. They are people who possess the power of elements such as water, fire or light. Thanks to that, they will master different fighting styles to fight brutal enemies. Therefore, if you want to lead them through every galaxy, you need to come up with battle strategies. They will be what helps heroes fight enemies and hunt them down at Valorium APK.

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Confront the evil doctor

You and your brave heroes will hunt down the doctor who holds the energy stone. He uses it to power the robot army that is destroying planets in Valorium APK 1.5.2. So you have to fight against destructive machines before you can catch up with him. But don’t worry because your heroes are warriors with powerful skills. They will fight indomitably against their enemies until they destroy those who stop them. Finally, you will catch up with them and officially face the evil doctor. That is the most decisive moment of battle and you should upgrade your hero’s power.

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Conquer all challenges

The doctor you are looking for will always try to escape at Valorium MOD APK. Even though he was holding the energy stone, he knew that it was not enough. That’s why he destroyed planets and collected more resources to upgrade his power. But the appearance of heroes caused his plan to fail. Therefore, when you see it, you will go crazy and control the robot army to attack you. However, you will feel happy because you have finally caught up with him. Together with the heroes, destroy the evil doctor and return peace to the universe.

Valorium mod

You have entered the world of science and technology development and fighting against enemies. They are mechanical armies created by an evil doctor to destroy planets. He can then take over their energy and give the stone energy. If he completes his plan, no one in this world can stop him. So quickly ally yourself with heroes to hunt him down. In the process you can destroy the robots and slow down the plan he created. Download Valorium MOD APK to destroy the evil doctor to protect the safety of the technology world.

How to Download & Install Valorium MOD APK (Menu/Damage/Dumb Enemy) for Android


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