Garden Defense Zombies Wipeout MOD APK (Free Upgrade/Sell Price) 1.0.1

Updated 14/04/2023 (1 year ago)
NameGarden Defense Zombies Wipeout APK
PublisherYQD Games
MOD FeaturesFree Upgrade/Sell Price
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
Garden Defense Zombies Wipeout MOD APK detail?

1. Free Upgrade
2. Selling Tower gives 255 coins

Introduce MOD APK Garden Defense Zombies Wipeout

Stop the undead from your garden in the Garden Defense Zombies Wipeout. The zombies move from their fortress and advance to attack the land of the farmers. Arrange the farmers in the village to preserve the agricultural products against the zombie attack. With its characteristics, farmers can use vegetables to attack zombies. The cruel zombies advance in stages to weaken the will of the farmers. However, the villagers need to defeat each zombie base inhabited. Together, move forward to destroy the entire zombie base on each level. Unite everyone to eliminate zombies from their garden completely.

In the game Garden Defense Zombies Wipeout, you will become the village chief to distribute tasks to each person. You will arrange for the villagers to attack the zombies. They move to the gardens along the trails of the village. The villagers decided to ambush the zombies because they were so used to that route. The peasants guarded every turn of the road, attacking anyone who came forward. Defend your garden with familiar weapons from the farm produce. Defeat each wave of zombies by arranging everyone’s position most reasonably. Combine agricultural products to slow down the movement of zombies.

Garden Defense Zombies Wipeout free

Download Garden Defense Zombies Wipeout mod – Defend the farm from zombies

A fortress suddenly appeared inexplicably at the top of the village. However, the villagers soon realized there was a group of evil undead. They advance along the village path, destroying everything in their way. The ultimate purpose is in the garden at the end of the village, where farmers have put a lot of effort. They want to destroy all kinds of food and agricultural products, taking away the people’s livelihood. Play as a villager to command each farmer to protect his garden. Reorganize the roles of each farmer and equip them with the right weapons. Defeat the undead, and save all the efforts the villagers have put in.

Garden Defense Zombies Wipeout mod

Defeat the undead

The undead came intending to destroy the efforts of the farmers. The farmers must stand up and destroy the undead to protect their strength. Catch them in each garden and turn the farm tools into weapons. Use a clear plan to match each stage to prevent the undead from advancing. The journey of the zombies will be affected by some agricultural products. Try to find out the weak points of the undead to be able to eliminate them as quickly as possible. Use weapons that are farmed products to attack the undead. Destroy the zombies from their fortress and bring peace to the village.

Garden Defense Zombies Wipeout android

The force of the villagers

The unity of the villagers can defeat the cruel zombies. Choose the bravest farmers and stand guard on the road to the village. The villagers are equipped with farming tools and agricultural products to attack the undead. Use vegetables to slow down and destroy them while moving. Use carrots to eliminate the obnoxious zombies, or use durian and ice cream to slow them down. Continuously use high damaged foods to prevent them from gathering. Besides, reasonably arranging the people with distinct roles will bring the best effect on killing zombies.

Garden Defense Zombies Wipeout apk

Battle farm

The villagers won’t be able to defeat the undead if they advance together. Guiding zombies to specific locations and attacking their advances will become effective. Instead, the farms will become the battlefield between villagers and zombies. People can gradually take advantage of everything cultivated to destroy them in that place. Create each front line, advance to eliminate zombies, and get closer to the fortress they inhabit. The battles that take place vary from fishponds to food fields. Each area has advantages for people to take advantage of to confront zombies. Expand the farm and fight the zombies to destroy their fortress.

Garden Defense Zombies Wipeout mod apk

Zombies come out of the new defense to destroy the farmers’ gardens. Command the people of his village to fight the fortress that suddenly appeared. Organize and organize people in specific areas with their farm tools and produce. Step by step, defeats the zombies with reasonable tactics and flexible weapons to bring the fastest victory. Download Garden Defense Zombies Wipeout mod to lead the villagers to knock down the zombie fortress and drive them out of their village.

How to Download & Install Garden Defense Zombies Wipeout MOD APK (Free Upgrade/Sell Price) for Android


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