Out There: Omega Editon APK 3.2

Updated 18/05/2021 (3 years ago)
NameOut There: Omega Editon APK
PublisherMi-Clos Studio
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Out There: Omega Editon

In the deep night of the other universe, there will be planets inhabited by living things. That is the future of our humanity. When the Earth has become an uninhabitable place. All you have to do is find an environment good enough to survive. The guy’s journey in Out There: Omega Editon also has a similar purpose. With his hope and will, his efforts will surely bring worthy results.

While high-graphics space games are becoming more and more popular with players. Out There: Omega Editon gives me a path like no other. Take advantage of simplicity to create something that can make people think a lot. Gives you some essential knowledge about chemical elements. Describes an extremely long journey both to maintain life as well as to find a place to live. It shows how high the will of man is. Even though we seem to have lost all hope, we still stand up to fight. Serve the ideal that I have set for my future. Complete a noble mission to give life.

Out There Omega Editon mod apk

Download Out There: Omega Editon – A journey to find a new homeland

Homeland is a very important place for each of us. Without your homeland, you will be homeless and have no place of birth. So when your homeland falls, you lose everything. But don’t despair, find yourself a better new home than before. A place where you can live the rest of your life instead of dying on a spaceship. Try to sustain life by supplying oxygen from chemical elements around the galaxy. The star system you are exploring contains extremely interesting things. Land there and you will find what you want. But be careful because encountering monsters will be bad.

Out There Omega Editon mod download

Various elements

Elements are the prerequisites for the construction of matter and materials. By applying your knowledge of chemistry, you can save yourself. Each item you need to use will require materials to create it. But you do not have them available, but you have to search everywhere. Each planet in the star system is a place rich in materials. At these locations, you can drill and suck them up easily. No need to spend any effort to dig or analyze, your technology will do it. Using these elements to make oxygen and fuel for engines. Help the ship can run farther and not stall.

Out There Omega Editon mod apk free

Encounter the residents

Sometimes your journey is not smooth at all. When you land on a planet that has what you need, that planet may be inhabited. The residents will not allow you to mine and kick you out. They fear that you will harm their planet and invade it. Don’t give yourself a chance to get what you need. So go to another star, maybe it will have what you need. If these inhabitants catch you, the journey will be over. They take on bizarre shapes and are extremely aggressive towards their enemies. These monsters are only a threat when someone touches their interests.

Out There Omega Editon mod free

Special planets

This star system is made up of small planets. Each star system brings its own special features. Minerals from the star may or may not be abundant. These stars will be distinguished by color and pattern. Based on the information of the system you will know the name as well as the element it contains. Use smart mining to bring back all the necessary things. Continue to maintain your own life longer. Sometimes these planets will be poor or have no resources, go to other planets that are better. Each place will have an environment with its own beautiful scenes. A truly breathtaking landscape.

Out There Omega Editon mod android

Sometimes going to planets you will get deals from people there. These agreements include the necessary things to be exchanged. Maybe the resources they need more than you. These exchanges will bring you profits. Never have to worry about your own loss. You have the right to agree or disagree with the transaction, the decision is up to you. Do smart business to bring the most benefits to yourself at Out There: Omega Editon mod. Never be subjective and think that you can live anyway. Always prepare for the worst-case scenario and worry about your future.

How to Download & Install Out There: Omega Editon APK for Android


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