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Updated on 17/03/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameRandom Cards APK
PublisherFigase Games
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money/Skills
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Random Cards MOD APK Infomation


  1. No Skill CD
  2. Unlimited Gold
  3. Unlimited Diamonds
  4. Unlimited Friendship Points

Summon defence cards and form a defence against monsters in Random Cards. A series of monsters have appeared in the world of heroes carrying magical powers. But that power is too mysterious, and they must seal them in powerful cards. And they have become the fighting force of the world against enemy invasions. So the monster’s attack is the time for you to show the card’s power. The defence system from magic cards will help you and your party destroy monsters. Build special defences from magic cards to prevent nightmares from attacking.

You will become a master of magic cards when you go to the monster world. This place constantly appears in the battles between heroes and evil monster forces. The heroes temporarily won against them and created a site for their survival. However, the war was not over, and the monsters’ marches continued. So the heroes had to summon powerful magic cards to aid in battle. And in this world, you will witness the defensive ability of the magic card system. Arrange magic cards to create a solid defence system to thwart monsters.

Random Cards android

Download Random Cards mod – Fight monsters with magic cards

Magic cards containing strange powers are the only means against monsters. And in this world, you must organize defence systems like objects to protect yourself. But you will fight each class of demons and attack enemies. They are also those who discover the power of cards and want to take them from you. So you need to put the magic cards into battle position and get ready to activate. Your enemies have been identified as monsters and other opponents in this world. Collect powerful cards to be the one with the most solid defence system.

Random Cards apk

Powerful cards

Your mission in the monster world is to collect powerful magic cards successfully. So you need to get cards with superior strength to overcome the wars. Although you don’t have solid defensive cards initially, you can combine them. The combination of magic cards will increase your defence. And you can completely put your cards outside the arena to compete. The power of each card is different, but they all can help you fight. Combine magical cards and compete against them against enemies and opponents.

Random Cards free

Alliance war

You’re not the only one with your card collection in this world. Many talented people also collect powerful cards and participate in competitions. And you can search for teammates to use battle cards together. They will be the most reliable allies for you to share powerful cards. The battles with your opponents are also more accessible, thanks to the combination of teammates. However, you and your teammates must join forces to find more vital cards. Trade magic cards with your allies and win the card war.

Random Cards mod apk

Card strength upgrade

Your cards are also not that strong since you successfully collect them. And the battles with monster enemies and opponents will become even more difficult. So you need to look for more vital cards to keep up with the combat level. Or you have to upgrade your cards to make them stronger than before. The cards have different uses in battle, and upgrading will enhance the effect. The stronger your card, the more likely you and your teammates will win. Defeat monster opponents and opponents in card wars with upgraded cards.

Random Cards mod

The battles in this magical card world are fiercer than ever. Those will be battles between owners of diverse and potential battle cards. And you appear in the card world as the master of magic cards. You will use the cards to create a defence system against enemy monsters attacking. They will also promote their ability to fight against opponents who possess magic cards. But this war requires you to ally with allies by using cards. Download Random Cards mod to summon magic cards in battles with enemies.

Download Random Cards MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/Skills) for Android

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