Zombie Fusion MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Currency) 0.4.2

Updated 20/07/2023 (2 months ago)
NameZombie Fusion APK
PublisherShark Jump
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Currency
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce Zombie Fusion MOD APK

Build your defensive fortress against zombies and grow your own in Zombie Fusion. You will be a hero against the undead cannibals when the whole earth has been destroyed. They gather in great numbers so they can hunt people without fear. So you can’t face off against those carnivorous zombies without any guarantees. So you have to build a defense for yourself, making the zombies isolated outside. So right in your fortress, you can freely develop yourself to grow stronger. Then one day, you will put your power outside the fortress and kill all the undead.

The zombies have destroyed the earth’s habitat, and only one place is left. So it would be best if you quickly turned this place into the only safe place to survive. You want to fight them, but the zombies moving in groups won’t let you. The crowd from them causes you to step back and safely hide for the time being. A defensive base with the function of protecting your life as well as separating zombies. This will give you more time before facing their aggression. Stay safe, as they can attack your defensive fortress at any time.

Zombie Fusion android

Download Zombie Fusion mod – Build a fortress against zombies

You have an essential mission for your life at the beginning of your journey in the game. The stronghold has been built to resist zombies, but protection is more critical. You must make sure that your fortress is not approached by zombies and destroyed quickly. When you defend your fortress against zombies, you also get a bonus. They will help you unlock new equipment and help defend the fortress later. Kill zombies one by one and find enough resources to develop your fortress. Start your survival journey in a separate area the zombies can’t penetrate.

Zombie Fusion mod

Fortress enemy

Your enemies in your fortress survival are carnivorous zombies. Many of them force you to try to survive and build a defensive fortress. They may advance in a rush, but their attack on you can be foretold. Information about where the system will notify the zombie’s attack for you to prepare. Planning when you know the zombie’s attack will be a great advantage. Your fortress will be safe again, but don’t let that be subjective to zombies. Undead enemies can appear at any time and be ready to defend.

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Zombie defense tower

The fortress you build against zombies will be meaningless if it does not have a defense system. Instead, it would be best to build tall towers to track each wave of zombies. All their actions against your castle will always be warned at the earliest. Moreover, it would be best to use this tower to destroy and disable attacking zombies. Towers can quickly deal with attacks from zombies, but not forever. The zombies in the future will be stronger, and killing them will not be as easy as before. Merge each type of upgrade in the towers to create a tower defense system of zombies.

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Expand the land of survival

When you kill certain waves of zombies, you will have the opportunity to expand the fortress. You will free the new land after you finish attacking the evil zombies. This allows you to expand the land where you live and build more fortresses. Different levels will greet you with zombies that bring you danger. The expanding land will bring many new challenges for surviving zombies. So don’t focus on how much land you expand in killing zombies. Make sure your fortress is resistant to zombies and expand new lands.

Zombie Fusion apk

Zombies have surrounded the world, and you have only one way to survive. It is to build a fortress to resist each wave of those zombies. It would be best if you also built zombie defense towers to prevent your fortress from being destroyed. You can step by step destroy the undead and merge and upgrade the towers to make them stronger. The tower’s power will quickly wipe out each zombie that attacks your fortress. This is also an opportunity for you to expand the scope of the survival fortress among the zombie world. Download Zombie Fusion mod to build a fortress with a defense system against all zombie attacks.

How to Download & Install Zombie Fusion MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Currency) for Android

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3. Install and enjoy


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