Suspects: Mystery Mansion MOD APK (Menu/Show Impostor, Max light) 2.0.6

Updated on 18/02/2023 (1 month ago)
NameSuspects: Mystery Mansion APK
PublisherWildlife Studios
MOD FeaturesMenu/Show Impostor, Max light
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Suspects: Mystery Mansion MOD APK Infomation
  1. Easy Game
  2. Max Light
  3. Zoom Out
  • V2

->Player Menu

  • Show Imp // New (Name , Alive? , Current Room , Killer?) // Remember It Predicts 90% Accurate
  • Max Lights
  • Spam Elevator (Will Make Go Up And Down Constantly) // New
  • Reset Show Impostor (Do This After Every Meeting)
  • Complete Task (Will Do Your Tasks For You) // New
  • Call Meeting // From Anywhere (If Available) // New

-> ESP Menu

  • ESP Alive / Dead (New) / Impostor (New) Lines
  • ESP Alive / Dead (New) / Impostor (New) Boxes
  • ESP Real Account Names // New

->Fun Menu

  • Pick Player
  • Player Size
  • Zoom Out // New

Have you experienced Suspects: Mystery Mansion? If you haven’t tried it, I’m sure you’ve missed out on an exciting and dramatic game. Everyone here is no stranger to the werewolf game, right? Playing tools are cards that have characters with different roles. The gameplay is to find and kill the evil wolves not to let them eat the villagers. Suspects: Mystery Mansion can be called the perfect upgrade of the werewolf game. But it will be more mysterious and attractive.

Suspects: Mystery Mansion will give you a sense of excitement and curiosity if you are a person who likes adventure and investigation. You will have to find clues to track down the killer. It won’t be that simple because the other eight are real players. It will be a headache for you to find the killer, but I believe that’s what you want in Suspects: Mystery Mansion. You can also become a killer. Be smart to kill each person one by one and create many fake scenes so that the other people can’t find you.

Suspects Mystery Mansion mod android 1

Download Suspects: Mystery Mansion mod – Find the killer together

When you come to the game Suspects: Mystery Mansion. You will be incarnated in many different situations depending on the mode you play. You will be accompanied by eight more people, among them will be a murderer. You will have to discuss together, find the clues that the killer leaves next time to the real killer. Try to find out carefully because if you choose the innocent, it means you will lose faster. Let’s come up with reasonable answers to find the killer. Don’t be in a hurry you can be the killer among them. If so, then you will have to act carefully to kill the other eight. Don’t forget to create a lot of fake scenes so people can’t find you.

Fascinating and mysterious gameplay

Suspects: Mystery Mansion will be a game that can satisfy your needs. With the attraction and full of surprises through each different gate, you will be immersed in it without even knowing it. Suspects: Mystery Mansion will lead you through much different gameplay. You will have to discuss with other players together meticulously. In order to find the killer, try not to miss anything. The game Suspects: Mystery Mansion will definitely bring you new, more sophisticated gameplay than ever. Let’s experience Suspects: Mystery Mansion together.

Suspects Mystery Mansion mod download 1

Lovely animals

Instead of being like the characters in other action games with an aggressive appearance, the details are subtle. In Suspects: Mystery Mansion, this game will bring you a whole new surprise. The characters here are all cute animals. The body details are created in a funny way. Has a completely different style from other action games. When you play Suspects: Mystery Mansion, you will be delighted to choose and own those lovely characters.

Suspects Mystery Mansion mod 1

Difficult gate

Suspects: Mystery Mansion is a game that requires a fairly high level of maintenance. Because you’re going to have to do everything you can think of to be able to pinpoint the killer. The game mode of Suspects: Mystery Mansion is very refreshing. It gives you a thrill through each different space. You will not be bored when playing Suspects: Mystery Mansion. On the contrary, you are also fascinated by the attractive modes of the game Suspects: Mystery Mansion.

Search for the enemy

Coming to Suspects: Mystery Mansion, you will transform into detectives to find the traces left by the perpetrator. You will have to collect enough evidence to be able to complete the mission. Then discuss who the killer is. That’s the mission when coming to Suspects: Mystery Mansion, let’s experience it. Also do not miss anything, because everything is very important to be able to complete the mission.

Daily Rewards

Suspects: Mystery Mansion when fully posted you can also receive many different characters. Or gold coins to be able to buy the character you like. Please log in fully to be able to receive more different rewards. In addition, the mission is also an indispensable place. Because when they complete them, there are equally rich rewards.

Suspects Mystery Mansion mod apk 1

If you are a fan of stealth action games. Then do not ignore this game Suspects: Mystery Mansion. It will bring you a thrilling and dramatic experience. Either become a clever assassin or become a detective who uncovers mysterious clues. Come to Suspects: Mystery Mansion to experience interesting things. Download Suspects: Mystery Mansion mod and complete mysterious missions to find the real culprit.

Download Suspects: Mystery Mansion MOD APK (Menu/Show Impostor, Max light) for Android

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7 months ago
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Please update the cheat, otherwise after each restart the game crashes. Even reinstalling doesn't always help.
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please update mod 2

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please mod 2

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