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Updated on 12/11/2022 (4 months ago)
NameYakuza Dash APK
PublisherYakuza Inc. Team
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play

Yakuza Dash will help you make this dream easy if you want to be a true yakuza. Become a street fighter that surpasses all the customary laws of the world. Head the gangs with fighting power no less than mighty gladiators. Overcoming hardship to reach the highest position of the underworld. Hundreds of enemies that stand in the way will be mercilessly defeated. Only you can restore the order of this new world. Create fury and scare everyone with the effects you create.

If you love Japanese style, you can never ignore their gangsters. The notorious outlaws have made a significant impact. Brings the ambitious Yakuza Dash gameplay with a simple classic pixel style. Transform into someone who is not afraid of anything and fights hard. Your hands and mind will determine the outcome of this decisive battle. From there, we will see what we can do from here. Evolve to levels that others may never have been able to achieve.

Yakuza Dash mod

Download Yakuza Dash mod – Destroy all enemies

You will control a yakuza on your quest for absolute fame. He will have to face life’s most challenging obstacles that await. Overcome pre-made traps, and dodge unexpected deeps that may appear. Use your weapons to blow up all enemies, from police to other gangs. Get unique power-ups to reach the finish line quickly. Everything is as simple as that, but not sure you can do it. Be careful in all situations so as not to waste your digital network. The smart yakuza will achieve their aspirations as you progress through the levels.

Many characters

Players will only start with the default character but can change after qualifying. Each level gives us a certain amount of bonuses to accumulate. If you collect enough, you can unlock new characters with more breakthroughs. Each can develop a unique ability that allows them to take advantage. Easily knock enemies away to make overcoming obstacles a lot easier. This power can be activated when they receive a benefit from the items. Make the most of everything you have and fight mercilessly with the enemy. Victory is only a matter of time when we use our supreme fighting skills.

Yakuza Dash mod free


The farther the character goes, the more points you get to increase the achievement. That is the method that we can apply to improve our position. Players along with their scores are updated continuously. This is where we compete to find the best. Then, of course, the players with high achievements will be at the top and be honored. Weekly giveaways are based on individual accomplishments. Depending on your needs, you can play to increase your score to the maximum every day. The more we try, the closer we are to defeating those lying above us with ease.

Yakuza Dash mod apk

Various traps

Don’t let the traps fool you. And they are cleverly designed around Tokyo. If you are not careful, you can immediately lose your life. But we can upgrade the character to add a life bar to combat this. Strengthening your skills is the most effective and safest way for each person. The harder it is to die, the further you can go in the Yakuza Dash mod. Run fast.

Download Yakuza Dash MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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