Knight Warriors MOD APK (Dumb enemy) 1.13.8

Updated 13/04/2023 (8 months ago) Knight Warriors APK
MOD FeaturesDumb enemy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Knight Warriors

Killing is an immoral, cruel, and illegal act. Games with such a natural cause you to stress and no longer focus on work. Game Knight Warriors is a solution for you here. Come with a style of killing, comfortable slaughter without bloodshed, illegal. Makes you comfortable without even causing stress or distraction. Keeping you fully entertained after a mountain of work.

Unlike many other violent games, Knight Warriors does not need to spend a penny to buy. Absolutely no need to recharge to buy items or characters. Nor was there any blood, violence, or noise at all. A violent game style that follows a new trend. Friendly, free, and very addictive with addictive gameplay. Play at any time, don’t make you waste time sitting all day plowing. Just enter the game, enter your name and start the carnage with your sharp control skills. Control your character to defeat other players and earn as many points as possible. Couldn’t a game be more suitable for most of us, could it be? Knight Warriors mod

Download Knight Warriors mod – Bully those who are weaker than you

When you open Knight Warriors, there will be a blank box for you to enter your name. Enter your assassin’s name and choose his outfit. When you’re done, press the play button to officially start the fun. Your task is to kill lots of players and collect dots to earn lots of points. As your score gets higher than the other players, your name will gradually get higher. The more you kill or collect, the longer the weapon in your hand will be, the easier it will be to defeat other players and be easier to destroy. Try not to be knocked down early because that way your killing efforts will fall. Knight Warriors mod download


This is a special feature of Knight Warriors. You and your character alone fight all the rest of the players. That is a big challenge for new players. So you need to spend a small amount of time practicing. Since then accumulate more combat experience for yourself. Gradually you will learn how to defeat stronger opponents and get more points. Since then, it becomes easy to put your character up to power quickly and easily earn kills. The dream of putting your name on top will not be something far away for you anymore. Knight Warriors mod free

Avoid magic

Not only running back and forth and knocking out each other. Knight Warriors will give you another skill that is a dodge. When activated you will briefly surf. You can use this magic skill to dodge enemy attacks. But you must use it wisely and carefully. Because it will cost you a bit of point just earned and if used indiscriminately you will have nothing. Even surfing around will make you fall into enemy range and lose your life. So let’s practice it a bit to use it so that it is virtual. Create a lot of difficulties for the enemy who wants to defeat you. Knight Warriors mod apk

Become a monster

In Knight Warriors, the more players you kill, the easier it becomes to kill. You can continuously kill to receive Double Kill, Triple Kill, or even Mega Kill if you kill five people at once. Similar to the game League Of Legends or Lien Quan Mobile that you often play. Once you hit high kills by taking down too many players. Your score will be awarded continuously and increase rapidly. Getting to your top 1 will be very easy. Then there will be no one strong enough to stop you. You become a true monster, possessing a destructive power. But be careful because at that time you will be most vulnerable to sneak attacks.

Countless outfits to choose from

Games that are only played by default characters will become boring. So Knight Warriors has countless costumes to choose from. You are free to find yourself a very eye-catching appearance. Make your character unique and stand out from the crowd. Some outfits are not free, which you can collect by watching ads. Or you can buy with money to support the publisher. It’s too great and interesting, isn’t it? Knight Warriors mod android

Interesting game modes

In Knight Warriors, there is not only the Classic game mode. There are other modes for you to experience as well. Capture The Flag mode is typical. There will be a flag bearer and your mission is to destroy that guy and steal the flag. When stealing the flag, your points will add up continuously and go to the top quickly. Or you can invite your friends to play with you in Team Mode. Download Knight Warriors mod to become the strongest. Take down all those who dare to get in your way.

How to Download & Install Knight Warriors MOD APK (Dumb enemy) for Android


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