Gladihoppers MOD APK 3.0.2 (Dumb enemy)

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NameGladihoppers APK
PublisherDreamon Studios
MOD FeaturesDumb enemy
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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The life of a gladiator is quite interesting for you to join in Gladihoppers. The most talented will gather in a large and crowded arena. The surrounding audience and cheers created a great source of motivation. Plunge into battle to find who is more substantial and superior to the rest of the world. Two people fight, but only one can survive on the ground. The other person will not be able to raise his head for another second. Prove that you are a bloodthirsty and bottomless ambition.

Gladihoppers is just a fighting game with the basics. Its characteristic is that the physical movements are created realistically. All are simulated on gladiators like flexible puppets. Moreover, the graphics are also in pixel form, creating a more classic look for everyone. It also makes the required configuration not too high but can still play well. The more we play, the more we will feel the attraction it brings. As a result, an unlimited amount of fun is packed into a great product.

Gladihoppers mod

Download Gladihoppers mod – Fight and defeat all enemies

The Colosseum of the Romans was considered a gladiator’s hell because of the danger it brought. But you will be the one who dares to engage in those deadly battles. With just a few simple controls, players can quickly master the arena. What’s more remarkable is that the player can adjust the character’s stats. Help them get a suitable playstyle according to their wishes. A lot of good strategies can be developed to overwhelm your opponent. Play with confidence, and you can completely take advantage of as much as possible. Losing or winning will also depend a lot on the luck you have.

Character customization

The most important thing that Gladihoppers requires players to distribute power points to the character. Every time you defeat an opponent in a match, your gladiator will gain experience. When you accumulate enough experience, you will be promoted and receive power points. It can be distributed into three indicators: attraction, intention, and collectability. The main attraction is the ability to deal extra damage on each hit. Willpower allows you to gain more stamina and more HP. Finally, the ability to collect gives you additional gold at the end of each match. Play it your way and customize it in various ways in this game.

Gladihoppers mod free

Collect equipment shards

Your gladiators will look very dull without any items on them. This can be changed by collecting other pieces of equipment. These are rewards that will exist in mysterious chests or gain outstanding achievements. Each item of equipment will give your fighter a unique style. The first is specialized helmets to protect the head. The second is the sturdy and comfortable armor for the gladiator to wear. Finally, there are weapons that the character can use to fight effectively. In addition, you can also find other great looks for your character.

Gladihoppers mod apk

Exciting game mode

Diverse game modes are one of the most significant advantages that make players feel satisfied. This diversity allows us to have new and exciting experiences. Strategy mode allows our warriors to create factions and fight each other. Emperor rescue mode will require you to fight continuously to rescue your target. Quick match mode will enable you to make short matches against random opponents in the system. After trying each method, you will feel the difference in its style. Make the things we play unique and not boring.

Gladihoppers mod android

Play with friends

The game will be even more fun when close friends are participating together. Gladihoppers allows us to split the screen in half to create two areas. Each part will have a maximum of two players and four people fighting. The two sides will find ways to defeat the guys on the opposing team and gain the advantage. Surely the humor and attraction of the match will make you highly excited. Customize your characters and surprise your friends. Nothing can stop you from getting what you want with Gladihoppers mod.

Download Gladihoppers MOD APK (Dumb enemy) for Android

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