Exoracer MOD APK (Unlimited Jump) 2.0.2

Updated 20/03/2024 (3 months ago)
NameExoracer APK
PublisherNyan Studio Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Jump
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Exoracer MOD APK detail?

1. Menu
2. Increase Jump Height (x1.25)
3. Unlimited Jump ( just tap & hold on your screen and it’s like flying )

Introduce MOD APK Exoracer

Exoracer MOD APK (Unlimited Jump) is an arcade game presented in the classic platformer style. The race takes place quickly and succinctly, bringing a sense of speed and attraction. The main color is a soft blue that makes the gameplay fast and does not make players uncomfortable. This is a speed race between many competitors from all over the world. The competition area was like a tunnel but also like a maze with different jumping platforms. A blue animal with ears perked up was jumping from platform to platform. Whoever gets to the end of the tunnel first will be the winner.

The pace of Exoracer APK mod is quite fast, there are data recording the distance of the animal on the screen. Players need to control their character to follow the green arrows on the screen. There will be bouncing platforms to assist the animal in jumping onto elevated platforms. Besides, there are also obstacles, such as red carpet spikes. Players need to jump over these spikes to avoid being eliminated from the game. Clinging to walls is also ultimately allowed in Exoracer. Must completely follow the green arrows that appear in the fixed area of ​​the tunnel. The endpoint is where the green flag is also planted.

Exoracer mod

Download Exoracer mod – uncompromising speed battle in the blue maze

Instead of dazzling and troublesome 3D games. Exoracer APK 2.0.2 creates a space that is simple but not monotonous. The animals in Exoracer have very fancy jumps. With many different shapes for players to freely choose between characters. But the most important thing still depends on your hand speed. In addition, the steps must be accurate to every detail. Even when participating in solo mode, it is necessary to pay attention to the smallest details. Because there are many obstacles appearing on the way. There are times when you can’t stick to the green dashed lines that will fall to the ground and have to start over.

Exoracer apk

Build your levels

Exoracer MOD APK brings a novelty in that you can build your levels and share them with others. You will design an area from the starting point of the animal, the flag area, the obstacle area, the jumping platform, etc. The first thing is to draw an extended straight line to open the path for the animal. This maze. Then there will be green left and right arrows. When playing, the animal will have to jump into the right arrow area to continue. Building elevated platforms also have to choose the size of 1×1, 3×3 or 5×5. Where you don’t like it, use the eraser, delete or cut off icon there. Positions need to be properly arranged.

Exoracer mod apk

Playback viewer

All the processes you play, run in solo mode or challenge mode, recorded by Exoracer in detail. These videos are recorded and taken to an archive. Whenever you want to review the process, click on the camera image to view it. Review your running and competition progress. Analyze carefully to see where your mistake is but can’t reach the green flag forever. Stages that you run multiple times are also recorded into different videos. Compare what is the best way to overcome obstacles and speed. Just move your finger to control your beast to where it is needed.

Exoracer apk free

Various animals

To add variety to the game, Exoracer offers a treasure trove of different characters. If you are just a beginner, you will receive a blue animal interface similar to a cat. It has pointed ears and a beautiful tail. And it also has many different color versions. There was also a black animal with a green horn and sharp eyes. Or the white robot with its tail emitting flames. Fancy animals will cost more and have a lower spawn rate. Every time these animals run, a light will follow them. This light has the same color as your character’s main color.

Exoracer android

The Exoracer has a set of milestones consisting of speed milestones that can be reached by the player. Every time you pass a milestone, you can receive attached gifts. At 3600 points will be a secret gift box that can contain gold coins, experience, or new skins. At 3800 points will be an additional 60-speed points for the player, helping the player run faster. The 3900 point item is to double the experience to level up. The 4000-point item is the diamond milestone with the high-tech box. Download Exoracer to compete with players who want to compete with you for speed.

How to Download & Install Exoracer MOD APK (Unlimited Jump) for Android


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