King of Crabs MOD APK 1.16.0 (Unlocked characters)

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NameKing of Crabs APK
PublisherRobot Squid
MOD FeaturesUnlocked characters
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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The crab is one of the sea creatures we often see occurring in nature. They only live on the bottom of the sea and eat what they get from there. But what if crabs grow larger and larger? Join the King of Crabs to witness the horrors it brings. Spread fear across the vast sea with your own greed.

Big fish eat small fish is the type of game that we have seen on the market. But the developer of Robot Squid has a slightly different direction, which is to use crabs. Bring more variety to this type of game with a unique creature species. Not only that, but you also have the opportunity to fight in a large 3D environment. The potential of everything is limitless for you to unleash your development. Break the laws of nature by yourself and let yourself develop more.

King of Crabs mod free

Download King of Crabs mod – Become the king of the sea

The title of king of the sea is reserved for the most powerful predators. Often fish species receive such names because of their danger. But now, this will come to an end, and the replacement must be a worthy new crab. Help your crab collect everything possible around. Move anywhere there is food to fuel itself, help its body grow. The bigger you are, the more you can eat creatures that are smaller than you. But beware of predators bigger than yourself around. They can easily devour you with a single bite. Try to find many advantages for yourself to develop.

Become super big

You often think that crabs only achieve a moderate size, as we usually see. But in King of Crabs, I suppose you might be wrong, and your crabs have no limit. It can reach a limit that you would be appalled to see for yourself. The more it eats, the bigger the crab becomes, so big that nothing can stop it. At that time, it will begin to sweep around the places it passes. Leaving nothing behind, all living things must be in their belly. All must submit to the larger and more powerful pair it carries. Depending on your capacity and thinking, develop to the fullest.

King of Crabs mod apk free

Unlock the crabs

Does your crab have too limited potential to grow quickly? Then play and unlock other stronger crabs in the options. Each time you complete a level, you will receive a certain amount of bonus. This money will be used to unlock a new type of crab. Accumulating gradually is that you can get a decent amount of capital to own yourself a strong warrior. Create a whole collection of crabs that are both beautiful and incredibly powerful. Take them into the most intense battles and claim the title of king of the ocean. Nothing can resist this horror.

King of Crabs mod apk

At the top of the food chain

There are many other crabs with similar aspirations as you. They are players from all over the world. You and them will compete for the title of the greatest in a fierce battle. Whoever has the most points will be at the top of the leaderboard. It would be best if you did everything to destroy all the opponents around you. Use some of the crab’s special skills to gain the upper hand over your enemies. Be careful behind and stay away from those who are superior in appearance to you. Find all ways to survive and develop, defeat all those with great power. Become the best player at the top of the leaderboard.

Explore places

This world is huge. In addition to the mainland, there is a collection of different seas. You can go to these seas and experience what it feels like to fight there. The beautiful sandy islands are also an ideal place to roam. Travel everywhere to see and feel the beauty there. The different combat environments will give you new emotions and perspectives. Go and learn everything around and anywhere you want.

King of Crabs mod android

If you love the genre of big fish eating small fish but want more novelty, then King of Crabs mod can meet this need. Fight with other players in a dramatic and fun war. Improve your personal skills and become a powerful predator. Witness the destruction and limitless potential you can bring to the creatures living in the ocean.

Download King of Crabs MOD APK (Unlocked characters) for Android

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