Royal Defense King MOD APK 1.4.12 (God mode, onehit)

Updated on 26/10/2022 (2 years ago)
NameRoyal Defense King APK
MOD FeaturesGod mode, onehit
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Royal Defense King is a strategy game to summon warriors and destroy monsters. With which you master a legion of powerful warriors. Work together to control the game. Summon warriors with magical energy. Fight off the onslaught of legions of monsters that are plotting to invade the human world. Designed on 2D screens only. The same simple operations but create a special attraction for many players who like to think. And if you are one of those people. You’ll probably have a lot of fun, too. Endless War or Age of History are games if you need hints about other wars.

Just a vertical screen moving from one position to another. Along with the cards arranged under the screen and a little manipulation. Created a real battlefield in Royal Defense King. You are a king of war who will unite countries and continents together. By demonstrating the power of thinking and strategy of battles. Choose from many of the kingdom’s most powerful warriors. Take them into the battlefield where monsters and evil forces rule. Power up when reaching certain thresholds.

Royal Defense King mod apk

Download Royal Defense King mod – Control the battlefield like a king

The levels will include a countdown timer. Every time you run out of time and you have not completed your mission, you will lose. The majority task will be to prevent the attack and invasion of monster legions. They will send troops to attack the right side of the screen. Increasingly, the number of troops will be denser and stronger depending on the time and level of that match. Your job is to summon pre-specified warriors. Stop and confront hordes of frenzied monsters. Not only that but many other interesting features in the game will be revealed.

Completing each level will help you get more rewards. Even a new warrior unit to add to the battle. They are equipped with many powerful armor and weapons. But there won’t be too many important features associated with them. The main objective of the levels is to destroy the enemy’s base. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the strength of your exit strategy. Or use the ultimate skills in the most effective way. Avoid being defeated in a short time because the difficulty of Royal Defense King is not easy.

Royal Defense King mod

Get used to simple but complex operation

There are only 2 simple operations that you need to grasp carefully in the game. That is summoning warriors and special skills. When summoned, the warrior will automatically run to the battlefield until hitting the enemy base. If there is blocked by enemy monsters. That warrior will fight continuously until he falls. This uncontrolled gameplay is probably very familiar to many gamers. However, getting used to it is a process. Use the power to suppress the enemy. Being able to destroy their base is not easy.

Royal Defense King mod free

Use your skills wisely

The 2 skills that you are allowed to bring into the match must be chosen carefully and carefully. Because there are dozens of different skills. Bringing them in to bring effect to our side, as well as causing bad effects on the enemy. And having only 2 skills is also a problem. There are stages where the enemy summons Orcs or giant dragons. Then consider freezing or meteor skills. Or use a tornado when there are many enemies forming an army to suppress the warrior. In general, it depends on the situation of the game. Using the skill at the right time and in the right place will determine your wisdom.

Royal Defense King mod apk free

Get rewards and challenge modes

You can challenge your intelligence and strategy through the 2 most popular modes. Or the basic mode, owning consecutive levels and increasing difficulty. Or the infinite mode with infinite waves of enemy attacks. Try to hold out and create a record until you fall. The difference between the two modes is their mechanism. When the basic mode will only play for a short time. Possess corresponding and limited power. While the infinite mode is the place to create endurance records. All kinds of monsters will appear. It is important that both modes give gifts when you complete the milestone.

Royal Defense King mod mod

Most of today’s strategy games have for themselves a lot of unique and novel mechanics. But only for basic strategy games like Royal Defense King. Still enjoyed by the gaming community and refer to many gameplay every day. With a long existence and newer elements. Royal Defense King will bring a lot of nostalgia. In a completely new work so that anyone can try their brains.

Download Royal Defense King MOD APK (God mode, onehit) for Android

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