Crime Coast HD MOD APK 333 (God mode/High Damage)

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NameCrime Coast HD APK
PublisherBrain Vault
MOD FeaturesGod mode/High Damage
SupportAndroid 4.0.3+
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Crime Coast HD is a combination of tower defense and ramparts building gameplay. This place gathers all the notorious gangs from Miami and Las Vegas. They turn busy cities and skyscrapers into ruins. Can you also form a new gang on par with the other gangsters? Just gather enough minions or gangsters with many skills and connections. In addition to participating in combat, build chapter obstacles and flexible niches suitable for combat. Use the money to hire thugs and save the gangsters from prison so they can strengthen your base.

Crime Coast HD city is the concentration of the entire mafia, this is also the base where your juniors live. The central building is where the oligarchs are, surrounded by support system buildings. Surrounding the city is a towering stone wall. In addition to defending the stronghold, infiltrate the opponent’s base. Loot gold, jewels, currency and valuables from other gangs. Use that money to build a city, buy weapons for juniors in the guild or invest in upgrading infrastructure. She widens the land and builds large black asphalt roads. Buildings also generate money after a certain amount of time.

Crime Coast HD apk free

Download Crime Coast HD mod – Build a city of gangsters and notorious mafia gangs

Crime Coast HD offers a map in the form of an island, above which are the cities of other mafia bosses. Just click on the island with the picture and name of the person you want to challenge. Your army of juniors and tanks and weapons have been brought to the enemy map. When brought to the enemy’s territory, just see an arrow and shoot each other with that guy. Use in combination with tanks, cars, and bombers to destroy their base. As soon as the rocket bombs were thrown, creating huge explosions. Pillars of smoke and fire rose. Then there was the collapse of military buildings.

Crime Coast HD mod

Team henchmen

Mafia gangs are a combination of many members to form a powerful organization. Their gun skills and looting ability are both very strong. In addition to the gangsters, there are prisoners saved by you and equipment to support the battle. Charming blonde American nurse in a pure white outfit. The black American gangster wore sunglasses with a beard and a muscular, massive body. A bald-headed junior with a strong face and full of tricks. The blonde-haired junior has a massive body but looks quiet and quiet. The blue-haired ninja wears a red mask and cold eyes. Lots of other criminals.

Crime Coast HD apk

Expanding the land

As mentioned earlier, Crime Coast HD allows you to build your base. At first, this area is just a wild lawn, in the middle is your base in the form of a small house. Steal lots of gold coins to use them to build and expand your land. Build houses while buying decorative items such as statues or fountains. Make the lives of residents here rich and bustling. Paradise bar with the dominant red color. Car repair garage with a picture of a tire above. Build multiple banks and administration areas with dollar bills on the roof. Billboards with the tank still in action are above.

Crime Coast HD mod apk

Upgrade houses and characters

In addition to gold coins and dollars, in Crime Coast HD, there is another item which is the bottom blue chocolate bars wrapped under a red shell. They are essential for upgrading your juniors. Or bring minions to fight a lot to win these chocolate bars and level up. Have them fight alternately so that each minion is raised to a certain level. As for the houses, just preparing dollars is enough. Long press on buildings to move the position. There is a green Upgrade text next to it to upgrade the houses. Build many layers of stone walls outside the house grounds to protect them.

Crime Coast HD android

Bring police cars and trucks carrying gangsters into the opponent’s area. Make them lose their hands and use these cars to run over the evil thugs. Unlock multiple cards to make room for more minions. Large numbers help your gang increase the odds of winning in wars. Unlimited juniors and weapons, aircraft, and ammunition in the player’s battle. Download Crime Coast HD mod build the base of the most notorious gang in Las Vegas and Miami.

Download Crime Coast HD MOD APK (God mode/High Damage) for Android

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