Earth Guardians MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Diamonds/Energy) 1.2.01

Updated 28/11/2023 (2 days ago)
NameEarth Guardians APK
PublisherStudio Ampersand
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Diamonds/Energy
SupportAndroid 8.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Earth Guardians

Earth Guardians MOD APK challenges you in combat missions to protect your world. You will have the task of safeguarding your birthplace from enemy invasion attacks. They come from alien forces, and their purpose is to destroy all humans. Therefore, to defend ourselves, humanity is forced to launch wars for its life. But before the vital force of the enemy, humans only know how to support the base. And you will be the one to receive the order to protect humanity’s last hope of survival. Get ready for the task of commanding talented soldiers to fight against invaders.

When leading the human army to fight, your mission is to destroy all enemies. They are cruel forces with technology and weapons superior to your world. However, your fighting goal is for life, which will be your belief’s strength. So, you must hold on to humans and protect them from the influx of aliens. And it would be best if you upgraded your fighting power to fight them at all levels. The more upgrades you have, the more likely you are to win. Start your arduous journey against alien enemies.

Earth Guardians apk

Download Earth Guardians MOD APK – Join the fight to keep the Earth safe

You will have to fight against evil alien forces plotting to take over the Earth. They have captured several lands and turned those places into bases to prepare for a general attack. Therefore, you receive an order to proactively attack to prevent them from carrying out their plan. The world’s last hope is in your hands, so you must fight bravely. And create the most potent defence strategies with the soldiers you gather. In battles, equip them with weapons such as guns or powerful weapons to destroy the enemy. Participate in defence challenges to protect the peaceful world from the threat of destruction.

Earth Guardians mod

Collect the soldiers

The enemies you need to destroy in challenging battles are alien invaders. Because they are fierce, you need the help of your friends in this world. They are different soldiers and will fight for their mission even if they fall. They can shoot down enemies With rifles, flamethrowers or machine guns; however, depending on the terrain, they will be effective in different combat environments. Therefore, you need to clearly understand the landscape as well as the movement paths of the invaders. That way, you can implement combat strategies in Earth Guardians MOD APK.

Earth Guardians free

Upgrade your strength in combat

You will be responsible for stopping the waves of alien invaders in the levels. They will hold weapons and rush towards you to attack, so you must quickly organize a defence. And with an army of talented soldiers, you will be ready to fight any difficult challenge. But it would be best to collect more people to upgrade the abilities of the soldiers you lead. By collecting cards, you can combine them to become more powerful. In addition, you can unlock the unique skills of soldiers within the squad. Understand the characteristics of soldiers and upgrade their defensive power to become solid.

Earth Guardians mod apk

Overcome difficult challenges

The Earth is at risk of survival, and you are the one with hope holding on to hope. So you decide to gather a team of soldiers and defend with them against the enemy. By upgrading their strength, you will be confident to face all challenges. In challenge mode, you can test your ability to lead soldiers on defence. If you overcome high levels, the reward you deserve will be even greater. There’s also an infinite mode where you challenge your ability to survive against invaders. Fight in missions against alien invaders with your talents.

Earth Guardians android

You are the one who launches combat missions to stop the invading enemy. They are evil alien enemies with superior combat technology. Therefore, to defend, you need effective strategies and confidence in combat. And the solidarity of your soldiers will help you stop enemies at all levels. When you win, upgrade their power by combining cards. Or you can equip weapons to learn to help you overcome the most difficult challenges. Download Earth Guardians MOD APK to become a successful hero protecting the world from destruction.

How to Download & Install Earth Guardians MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Diamonds/Energy) for Android


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