Braveland Pirate MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.2

Updated on 18/05/2021 (2 years ago)
NameBraveland Pirate APK
PublisherTortuga Team
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
Get it onGoogle Play

The vast ocean with waves crashing is something extremely attractive to people. Life at sea is reserved for strong men. Face the great challenges of the other ocean. The challenges in Braveland Pirate make it even more difficult. But nothing can make it difficult for seasoned pirates. Such things they just consider as natural jobs that they encounter in life. Fight without any hesitation left.

Braveland Pirate is a turn-based game with the theme of pirates. Describes a journey of a group of pirates in search of treasure in faraway places. A very interesting topic for those who love this gameplay and the infamous pirates. Those who make people admire with their bravery and madness. No one can resist the attraction of the vast ocean. Can you bring these pirates to their treasure? Satisfy your life goals and meet your enemies. You cannot predict what obstacles you will encounter. You can only move forward. You will be considered a potential pirate.

Braveland Pirate mod download

Download Braveland Pirate mod – Bring back the great treasure from the sea

Your team has heard about the legendary treasure being hidden. Hurry up to get it before someone else gets there and steals it. With everything you have, this journey will go down in history. Prepare against the forces of darkness guarding that precious chest. You will be the one to lead them on this path. Let them fight on your behalf what stands in the way of glory. Floating on the white waves and don’t forget to enjoy delicious glasses of wine. Make strategies that match the match and become a smart pirate. The dangerous ones are the ones who bring a cool head into the fight.

Braveland Pirate mod apk free

Gather the pirates

Pirates will often go in groups to easily accomplish their goals. A well-coordinated group will always be better than a single strong man. This is the natural motto of underwater robbers. Quickly build a squad of the strongest bandits. They will help you overcome the most difficult levels. Fight the creatures that carry the deadly curses of the sea. Please upgrade the members in the level so that they can complete the task more easily. Increase their fighting power to be able to freely slay those monsters. It is impossible to fall without reaching the treasure. No one is competing for what you’re aiming.

Braveland Pirate mod apk

Explore on your own boat

Tools that help pirates navigate underwater are, of course, large ships. Take the bandits wherever they want and become an effective self-defense tool. The boat will take you to the island where the legendary treasure is hidden and you have to take care of the rest. Fight with zombies, monsters, evil spirits. They are divided for the respective game screen on the island. When you win, you will get more experience and coins to further upgrade the team. The journey will have certain hardships but do not be discouraged, be resilient and worthy results will come within your reach. Live life to its fullest meaning.

Braveland Pirate mod free

Defeat big creatures

The cursed ones carry a terrifying power. With this power, he is bound to protect the legendary treasure. Harming those who want to access the treasure. Many people have lost their lives at their cruel hands. Most treasure seekers never return. But for you, it’s different, not being alive means not being strong enough. Those people will not be able to compare with you. Prove to the world your team’s strength and how you bring it home. Be the first to open it and see what’s inside. Become the richest pirate among the sea dwellers.

Braveland Pirate mod android

Not only does this treasure island exist, but there are similar ones out there. Different islands with different rewards challenge adventurers. Travel the world in a reliable ship and land on different islands. Every trip is a learning experience. I train myself to become more resilient through intense battles. Worthy of the heroes living on this vast sea. Braveland Pirate mod is a place for you to improve your strategic abilities. Constantly challenge yourself with challenges that get harder over time. Find out your limits, weaknesses and improve it better.

Download Braveland Pirate MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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