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Updated 14/10/2023 (9 months ago)
NameEndless War APK
PublisherJOYCITY Corp.
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Endless War

Join the Endless War to fight in endless battles. Defeat the enemy with the most professionally trained troops. On a place filled with hexagons lined up side by side. This will be your official battlefield. A whole new fighting style. Based on strategies to control and destroy enemies in various places. Only on the screen of your smartphone has all the necessary tools for the battlefield integrated. Just waiting for you, the strategist will play the main role in this brutal war. Use all your gray matter. Deal with the enemy troops and claim a glorious victory.

Is an infinite strategy game. Your main task in Endless War is to train the army continuously. To fight the forces that are always conspiring to invade your territory. In different lands, but all have one thing in common is the use of hexagonal areas next to each other. Create a variety of combat opportunities and strategize according to your thinking. With an infinite number of monsters and turns, fight until you lose for the highest record.

Endless War mod

Download Endless War – The never-ending war

In each battle of Endless War, the player will be taken into a battlefield area. Where your main tower is located in a fixed position. The opposite side will be the enemy tower that constantly produces troops on the battlefield. You will also respond by properly training your troops and going to war. It costs a certain amount of resources to summon an army. Drag them to the tile that matches your strategy. When encountering the armies of both sides, they will start fighting. The stronger side will win and lose a certain amount of health. Continue to move out like this until you are close to destroying the base in the opposite direction.

With the battle, the screen is a combination of hexagons intertwined. There are countless playstyles that you can explore and apply if you like. Build your own unique tactics. Using the right troops in each battle is also a kind of smart strategy. It is important that you evaluate your strength and the level of the enemy. To come up with such a strategy, evaluate the best preparation. Because not only against the machine, you will have to compete with real people in the future as well.

Endless War mod apk

Upgrade and recruit troops

The army in Endless War is mostly medieval. A time when warriors, legions, and sword saints had great influence over the world. Train them with resources and a certain amount of money. The ranks of the legions will be represented by colors and Roman numerals. The larger the number, the higher the strength and durability. You can also upgrade the power and technology for each legion. Discover many new levels of power to apply to armies. In combat, the influence of effects and stats is extremely important. Apply the correct theory in the smartest way.

Endless War mod apk free

Join the great guilds

If you can’t find a way to play and how to protect yourself. You can join and receive the protection of guilds with a great reputation. Step into a guild and you’ll have a lot of perks as a member. Includes many interesting gifts, effects that reward money and resources every day. Exciting guild battles. And most importantly, new friends. Sharing a lot of useful knowledge and playing together was fun. There is nothing better than a community that truly cares about people. Play together comfortably and have fun.

Endless War mod free

Events with many rewards

Endless War is constantly updating events from small to large according to different times of the year. There are many events that come with very interesting quests that are easy to do. In order to create conditions for gamers to receive as many gifts as easily. The events are also very creative and unique. Includes a variety of exotic and exclusive game modes for the occasions of the year. All with the participation of the world’s top gamers. So there is no reason for you to refuse such attractive events. Regularly participating enthusiastically is also a reason why you deserve that reward.

Endless War mod mod

Since it’s just been released, there won’t be too many details that you can find out. But Endless War has a lot of battles to keep you updated. Learn and fight according to your own tactics. So download now to receive more new updates in the future. The game is very welcoming to new players and guides you from start to finish. Join Endless War mod to become a talented strategist and absolutely protect your kingdom.

How to Download & Install Endless War APK for Android


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