Niffelheim: Vikings Survival MOD APK (Menu/Dumb enemy, Unlocked Premium) 1.5.87

Updated 02/12/2023 (1 week ago)
NameNiffelheim: Vikings Survival APK
PublisherEllada Games LLC
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Dumb enemy, Unlocked Premium
SupportAndroid 8.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Niffelheim: Vikings Survival

Help the warrior’s soul fight and find its way to Valhalla in Niffelheim: Vikings Survival. A fallen warrior on the way to finding the truth fights for himself. But his soul has not given up and wants to pursue the goal while alive. He was transported into another world with a second chance to find his way to his final destination. You will have to fight in ancient caves and go through dangerous battles. The spirits of the devil will be the thing that hinders the warrior towards the paradise called Valhalla. Help the hero overcome the path and challenges to prove the strength of a warrior.

The road to the paradise of Valhalla is still waiting for the warriors to advance. Thousands of people are still walking up this path and making it their lifelong goal. Some successful people get in, but some fail before getting there. And a hero from Asgard had to experience that defeat while on his journey. He thought he would die but was given another chance to move on. The gods protect the warrior’s soul and allow him to fight elsewhere. Accompany the warrior to overcome challenges and fulfill his wish in life.

Niffelheim Vikings Survival android

Download Niffelheim: Vikings Survival mod – Complete the path of survival

A hero on his way to the goal failed but received help from the gods. His ideal had once again had a chance to be fulfilled with his own hands through combat. Everything the warrior in the game does goes to Valhalla’s land. He would have to start over and fight in his spirit form to continue moving forward. Conditions need to be fulfilled in cave explorations to get close to his goal. Bloodthirsty demons will be what stand in his way, and so will the giants and monsters within. The warrior is dead, but the soul is immortal and tries to fight to complete the path of survival.

Niffelheim Vikings Survival apk

Challenging the soul

The great gods saved the warrior’s soul from Asgard after his fall. He once again continued to persevere on the path to the paradise of Valhalla. But his soul is lost in the harsh world of Niffelheim, where many dangers exist. Those are caves called dungeons with demons and bloodthirsty giants. Everything was arranged for the hero, and it was difficult for him to overcome. The clues in the dungeon will instruct him to go to Valhalla as a spirit. Take the test of the warrior soul and soon find the way to paradise land.

Niffelheim Vikings Survival mod

Crafting equipment

Asgard’s hero has fallen and is now fortunate to exist as a spirit. The equipment when the warrior was still in their body was no longer suitable for the current situation. So in his challenging journey, the hero must create the most suitable equipment. The equipment will be based on the warrior’s soul shape and made to be usable. The ancient cave is a hiding place for items that can create complete equipment. Artifacts will help the hero better understand this world where souls are kept. Craft equipment to help the warrior’s soul be protected against attacks from enemies.

Niffelheim Vikings Survival mod apk

The road to Valhalla

Soul warriors will have to fight in the cave to get to Valhalla. This path will gradually be revealed as your warrior discovers all hidden in the dark. What is closely guarded always contains some valuable information for your hero. The demons and monsters in the dungeon will take over, especially where there are powerful enemies. Don’t forget that your enemies also want to destroy the holy land of Asgard of warriors. They will use all means to block your progress toward Valhalla or block your way back to Asgard. Go on a challenging path to defeat the demons that protect Asgard and find your way to Valhalla.

Niffelheim Vikings Survival free

Warriors will still carry the fighting blood even after falling after the battle. A hero is lucky to keep his soul after failing on his journey to heaven. He was still tasked with finding the way to Valhalla after each battle with monsters. But now the warrior dies, only to be trapped and must fight as a spirit. The dead land called Niffelheim will bring warriors the harshest challenges. The road to Valhalla is hidden behind a secret guarded by demons that need to be discovered. Download Niffelheim: Vikings Survival mod to fight like a warrior in the form of a spirit and continue to pursue the goal.

How to Download & Install Niffelheim: Vikings Survival MOD APK (Menu/Dumb enemy, Unlocked Premium) for Android


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