Zombie Slayer MOD APK 0.2.19 (Free Upgrade)

Updated on 11/01/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameZombie Slayer APK
PublisherLucky Potion
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesFree Upgrade
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Zombie Slayer is a tower defense RPG against hordes of zombies around. When the whole world is infected with a strange virus, they turn into zombies that roam around the city. Be the sole survivor of those terrifying events. Players need to find a new settlement, rebuild society and search for survivors. After finding the right land and starting to build a new city. But unfortunately, the zombies have reached here. They are intending to destroy your residential area further to spread the disease. Your job is to stop them from here and protect your city.

You basically start with a single gun when left in an immobile vehicle. You use the gun in your hand, shoot at the zombies intending to approach this vehicle. If you defeat them, you can gain experience and use them to strengthen your status. Between different locations, there is only one vehicle, and you stand on the roof of that vehicle. Surrounding the car is a blue-white light circle. When the zombies entered this circle, the accuracy of the gun was the best. They can appear simultaneously, players must pay attention quickly to avoid being destroyed.

Download Zombie Slayer – Tower defense battle to prevent zombies from harming the new city

Players can distinguish zombies from normal people when they have a red border around them. As a level game that takes place continuously, the player needs to stand on the car and shoot down as many zombies as possible. Watch the level flow at the top of the screen as yellow fills that crossbar to the next number. The player will advance to the next level, and the zombies continue to advance. Players can also change some stats as soon as the fight takes place. To shoot the zombies, the player just needs to touch them on the screen. They fall to spawn purple experience stars. They are automatically added to the experience column for the player to use.

Zombie Slayer android

Car upgrade

For most of the fight, the player stands on the roof of a car. At first, it was just a basic car and didn’t have many obstacles. The approaching zombies will gradually destroy your vehicle. As soon as the car couldn’t take it anymore, it exploded and turned into ashes. That means you have to stop the game at that level. Therefore, if the car is upgraded to a high level, they can be equipped with more furniture. The drums, packages, tools, … are fully equipped on the car. It helps the player to buy time when the zombies have reached the location and eat the car. From there, try to shoot more zombies standing there.

Zombie Slayer mod apk

Boss fight

Infected humans are no longer strangers to players. But the giant bosses standing behind them are what makes players worry. They have a huge size that surpasses the humans out there. Massive muscles, ragged clothes, ferocious steps. However, they only appear at certain levels, not all levels. When there is a warning sound and yellow text appears on the screen. That is the signal for the appearance of a boss approaching you. Destroying it, in return, you will receive countless experience and gold coins for later work.

Zombie Slayer apk

Support skills

If you only shoot with a gun, then when facing dangerous situations, the player may have a hard time getting out. That’s why Zombie Slayer also provides some powerful support skills. Players need to collect them through the cards received when winning. Each card is a different powerful combat skill. Support you in the fierce battle. The flame gun card causes each bullet you fire to be a beam of fire with strong attack power. Card of the power of sound, there is a sound that makes the zombies dizzy and fall. The binoculars card is blue, knowing the exact location of the enemy.

Zombie Slayer mod

The locations of the battle are distributed in many places. Maybe in an abandoned forest with trees scattered everywhere. Or in the old city that has been destroyed and ruined. Houses, vehicles, trees everywhere have traces of destruction and have long been abandoned. Players can also upgrade their stats: attack stats, health, strength, and accuracy. When aiming, the zombie is surrounded by a green circle. Download Zombie Slayer mod and joins the battle to protect the city from attacking zombies.

Download Zombie Slayer MOD APK (Free Upgrade) for Android

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