Knight’s Rampage MOD APK (God mode/High Damage/No Skill CD) 1.7

Updated 17/04/2023 (11 months ago)
NameKnight’s Rampage APK
PublisherSiver Games
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesGod mode/High Damage/No Skill CD
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Knight’s Rampage

The role-playing game in the middle of a zombie environment has never been hot in the gaming community. Knight’s Rampage also offers a similar experience when opening a mysterious world. Unleash a war between heroes versus walking skeletons. When the world entered a crisis, walking frames emerged from the ground. They rekindled the intention to turn all people into the same version. Where these skeletons go, everything on earth will perish. Epic scenes are resounded to bring the experience of that time to those participating in this game.

This righteous fight helps open a door for your character to enter a new world. Skeletons are incredibly diverse, and they are always intended to attack you. As one of the last survivors, bringing peace back to earth depends on your ability. In addition to being equipped with armour, Egyptian suits, and cowboy costumes. These skeletons also have weapons that can fire bullets that cost you energy. Pellets containing dark purple poisons are approaching you. Players must both dodge and attack so that the enemy is destroyed.

Knights Rampage mod

Download Knight’s Rampage mod – Become the last survivor and destroy the walking skeletons.

The operation of Knight’s Rampage is also relatively simple and has some similarities with similar action games. Players are provided with virtual keys on either side of the screen. In the left-hand corner is a circular virtual key with arrows in four directions. Through this, the player can control the character to move around the screen. At the same time, players can perform attacks on the right corner of the screen. Since the game attacks automatically, you only need to move close to the skeletons. Then the episode is left to your character to do without control. The manipulations can take place differently depending on the type of weapon the player uses.

Knights Rampage mod apk

Multiple hero classes

From the start, the player is given a career choice for his hero. Some basic jobs are available, but advanced and more robust jobs need players to unlock. Each hero’s occupation corresponds to a different outfit and weapon. As a result, the character’s attack operations also change. They can become a warrior wearing armour and a hat with two brown horns and holding a thorny axe specialized in cutting down trees in his hand. Or become an archer with a green cape. Always wear the bow and arrow beetle on the back; as soon as an enemy appears, it will attack immediately.

Knights Rampage apk

Multiple locations

In Knight’s Rampage, skeletons appear and wreak havoc everywhere. So players also need to go to places where they seem to fight. Players will find peace in those locations if all these demons are wiped out. From the vast primaeval forest or in the wild desert, mountains are covered with white snow. In addition, there are some places with more epic features. Like the front yard of an abandoned castle, the chimneys and pillars were toppled. Or in a village where the people here have all been annihilated. A desolate landscape appeared with a gloomy atmosphere enveloping it.

Knights Rampage android

Character equipment

In addition to choosing a career for their character, players can also equip appropriate costumes. There are eight main slots that the player can use to add different types of equipment. The costumes are of the same style but with different colours. Often these items will come in a set that includes clothes, shoes, hats, gloves, armour, and swords. In addition, the player can also equip an energy booster. The potions nyaf brings into the battle for the player to use when in danger. Depending on the colour, they can have different functions. Such as healing, increasing time, and reducing enemy speed, …

Knights Rampage apk free

In addition to enhancing combat ability through training. Players can also upgrade their items to increase their stats. Collect item cards of the same type and level. Then merge them, and you can own a premium version with more stars. The number of stars of the item is proportional to the power they give the player. The stronger the equipment, the faster the enemy will die each time you attack. Download Knight’s Rampage mod to participate in the epic role-playing game that destroys the walking skeletons.

How to Download & Install Knight’s Rampage MOD APK (God mode/High Damage/No Skill CD) for Android


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