Rogue with the Dead MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money/Move Speed Multiplier) 1.8.3

Updated 18/11/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameRogue with the Dead APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Money/Move Speed Multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Rogue with the Dead

Rogue with the Dead MOD APK will be the place to challenge your ability to fight monsters. You will play as a commander of your army to join the war against the enemy. They are ferocious monsters that spawn from dungeons and constantly attack your world. So you will join the endlessly repeating battle journey until you win. And the mighty army will be your companion in those dangerous wars. You also have to increase your strength as well as them to destroy as many enemies as possible. Fight with your army to defeat evil monsters and free this world.

You will lead the brave people to accompany you in the battles. And the enemies your battle group must face are enemies of demonic origin. With their bloodthirsty nature, they will attack the world and devour the entire human race. So you have the task of destroying monsters during the 300-mile battle journey. The demon lord lurks there, and you must continuously win to confront it. Only when you defeat monsters and demon lords will the world you want to protect be safe. Get firm with your auto-battle squad and destroy brutal monsters.

Rogue with the Dead android

Download Rogue with the Dead MOD APK – Conquer battles against monsters

The cruel enemies of humanity have appeared and are heavily concentrated in the front. They also pose a threat of destruction to humans when they have to confront monsters. And besides fighting, humans have no other way to keep themselves safe. So you will join your brave soldiers on a mission to destroy the devil. When you win them, you can get coins you need to upgrade. Your heroes and yourself will thus become more vital in battle stages. Confront cruel monsters and fight to defeat the demon lord that protects humanity.

Rogue with the Dead apk

The lineup of powerful heroes

You lead an army with many talented soldiers to start a journey against monsters. They will be swordsmen with absolute power at the front lines and protect the remaining soldiers. Rangers will attack monsters from a distance but have the weakness of being slow in combat. Or the tiny warrior’s pigmy with fast speed will rush in to attack the monster. Besides, your army also owns the most influential magicians in the world. They will help you deal massive damage to the army of brutal monsters ahead. Combine soldiers to form a powerful and ready-to-battle squad in Rogue with the Dead MOD APK.

Rogue with the Dead free

Equipment that increases power

Your army is tasked with preventing monster enemies from attacking the world. And you need to help them increase their strength to fight bravely at any time. You can collect artefacts during combat and increase the strength of soldiers. With the most powerful artefact, your squad’s attack power can be increased by 50%. In addition, there will be items that increase the combat ability of soldiers. You can protect the mage from a single attack or increase the probability of the soldiers becoming giants. Find powerful gear and artefacts to help your squad fight off monsters.

Rogue with the Dead mod apk

Conquer the battle modes

You must participate in endless loops when monster enemies attack the world. But an army of talented soldiers will accompany you in battles. And you have to clear the dungeon to reduce the frequency of monsters appearing and proceed to destroy them. Besides, you also need to hire support people like healers or summoners to fight. These tasks can also be automated if you enable idle mode. Many other battle modes are waiting for you to conquer with your squad. Power up your battle squad and conquer every dangerous combat challenge.

Rogue with the Dead mod

Leading talented soldiers to fight is your responsibility in the new world. This place is facing the disaster of being attacked by monsters, and their guide is the demon lord. So you have to destroy all monsters and make your squad even more robust. Upgrades in equipment will help your army have more intense fighting power. And when you are confident with your strength, you can conquer challenge modes. But do not forget your mission is to destroy the monster and try to do it. Download Rogue with the Dead MOD APK to challenge every battle to destroy the demon lord protecting the world.

How to Download & Install Rogue with the Dead MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money/Move Speed Multiplier) for Android


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