Soul Samurai MOD APK 1.2.001 (Menu/Damage, defense multipliers)

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NameSoul Samurai APK
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MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage, defense multipliers
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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The adventures of samurai warriors are back and more powerful in Soul Samurai. Real-time strategy games always create an endless journey for players. The freedom to move around using skills and quick reflexes is most common and must be mastered when enjoying this game genre. What could be better than having it taken from one of your favorite manga? Once again, meeting Ichigo and his teammates. Possess the power of the ultimate soul samurai. Unleash the most spectacular and destructive techniques.

Games with such content often require players to increase their strength continuously. Train the protagonist warriors through many battles. Increased interaction between players and characters. Participate in many events with new content that is never outdated and trending since all of these characters are from Bleach, a manga that has been popular worldwide for a long time. You don’t need to be familiar with any of the characters if you’ve read this series. The thing to do now is learning how to fight to start the journey.

Soul Samurai mod

Download Soul Samurai mod – Practice and become the strongest Samurai

Although the player needs to collect the characters in the journey of Soul Samurai, above all, this game does not carry the turn-based combat genre. Real-time combat is still a lot more engaging. Soul Samurai was very smart when exploiting this genre to bring gamers. From there, the player is free to move in battle. Freely show off your skills and super dodge ability. Create unique strategies to defeat the opponent in the allotted time. All these elements will follow the player to the final journey of the game. Therefore, this is a good condition for you to test your reflexes.

You are free to switch through many different characters fighting in each battle. That means we can combine the strengths of the characters. Create the perfect combo to combine damage and effects. Graphics seem to be the undisputed thing of Soul Samurai. The 3D character model moves realistically and creates character. The beautiful skill-toss effect is no different from watching an anime. Your Soul Samurai experience will revolve around story exploration, character interaction, and never-ending battle on the battlefield.

Soul Samurai mod apk

The cast of old but memorable characters

The names that have made Bleach’s brand, from the main characters Ichigo, Rukia, Yoruichi, Toushirou… Almost all of them will return, bringing a completely upgraded power. In addition, famous villains such as Zangetsu, Cifer, Unohana also have the opportunity to appear again to satisfy players. All are summonable characters with different star levels and rarity. But what we are most interested in is their ability to fight on the battlefield. Each character will have four skills in each battle. A large number of skills makes the gameplay diverse and the combination of characters easier. Let’s upgrade them to increase the power stats and continue the adventure.

Soul Samurai mod apk free

Free open world

In addition to the fierce battlefields, the world in Soul Samurai is also large enough for you to explore everywhere. Like other open-world games, a large enough map with lots of buildings. The familiar manga context shows the atmosphere. In each city, there will be characters in the plot. They act as your guide when you first start playing the game. Assign tasks to you to complete and get rewards. Sometimes there are fun events for all to participate in. The buildings on the map are not built for nothing. They each had their purposes as resting places for warriors. Offers everything the player wants.

Top PvP battles

What many people are most interested in right now is confronting other players. PvP mode can be unrestricted and straightforward if there is no time limit for Soul Samurai and real-time fighting games in general. Gamers will fight in pairs and a separate arena. Two players use the most robust character to confront the opponent directly. PvP battles will feel different because your opponent is human and has a specific skill. Team up with other players for a large-scale PvP campaign. Win and climb the leaderboards, competing with many of the best gamers in the world.

Soul Samurai mod free

That’s not the full content of Soul Samurai; you will also experience many epic activities during the events of the year. Build your strongest squad of Bleach characters. Willing to take revenge on those who defeated him. Soul Samurai mod is a combination of exploration and non-stop fighting.

Download Soul Samurai MOD APK (Menu/Damage, defense multipliers) for Android

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