Lionheart MOD APK (Menu, God mode, onehit, unlimited skills, instant win) 2.3.1

Updated 09/09/2022 (1 year ago)
NameLionheart APK
PublisherEmerald City Games
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode, onehit, unlimited skills, instant win
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce Lionheart MOD APK

In imaginary worlds, when darkness appears, humanity is plunged into suffering. Monsters came and raged everywhere like a terrible disease. In that situation, no one can save us but the heroes. They were ready to fight until the end with those crazy monsters. If you want to help them, then go to Lionheart to start your own war. Make it an epic with hundreds of legendary feats.

Lionheart is built in the style of the turn-based combat that is very popular in the market now. This is also a brainchild that brings certain success to the developer Emerald City Games. Nowadays, you can hardly find a free 3D game with better graphics. A fantasy world masterpiece meticulously cared for by experts. Immerse yourself in the cave battles of the mightiest warriors. What could be better than to sit back and enjoy this majestic view?

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Download Lionheart mod – Fight to protect the peace for humankind

The eternal army is gradually becoming stronger thanks to the power of the black moon. Let’s prevent this by assembling a squad to fight them. When you fight, you will be able to impart skills by clicking on the monster on the opposite side. Only when it’s your turn can you launch an attack, and so can your opponent. If you finish them off before doing too much damage to yourself, you will win. This forces you to be stronger than the enemy and carefully calculate your moves. Do not attack blindly, but focus on those with the most annoying effects.

When your strength becomes much weaker than your enemy, do not rush to fight. Instead, let’s build the whole team’s strength to improve the ability to deal damage to the enemy. Then, make sure your squad meets the necessary needs.

Hundreds of different heroes

Heroes are all people whose power surpasses all that ordinary people have. They are divided into different professions, such as swordsmen, magicians, gunners, or tankers. Sworders usually have a higher HP than other professions and have serious melee damage, suitable for sustained combat. The mage possesses great magic power that can heal allies or deal massive damage. Finally, the gunner with considerable ranged damage but extremely weak HP. The blocker has strong resistance but does not have serious damage. Choose the right heroes to create a complete squad. Can complement each other’s shortcomings and form a strong team.

Lionheart mod apk free

Entering the Dungeon

There are many levels created by Lionheart for players to conquer challenges. The difficulty will be gradually increased so that you can adapt and improve your ability. Dungeons will be arranged irregularly with many different types of monsters. Make sure your squad has elements like healing, damage, and range. Upgrade heroes who are strong enough so that they can meet the needs of combat. Clear terrifying dungeons for well-deserved rewards. Discover the horrors each challenge brings you. Overcoming them all to reach the depths of the spreading death.

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PvP combat

Want to fight other players? It’s straightforward, come to the PvP mode created specifically for the players. Here you have the opportunity to bring your squad out to compete high and low with your opponents. Witnessing the unique and effective gameplay caused a lot of difficulties for me. Ask about their playing experience to apply to yourself later. These forms will be held as seasonal tournaments. Each season’s ends will be based on your personal rank to award. A lot of attractive things like pets, weapons, or characters are waiting for the best players. Always challenge difficulties so that you can improve yourself.

Join the guild

If you want to grow more, you will have to get help from others. More specifically, it would be to join a certain guild instead of fighting alone. Once you enter there, you will receive many attractive daily benefits that make the development process more favorable. Participate in organized events to earn more points and move the guild to a higher rank. Every member must make every effort to devote themselves to this strong team.

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Download Lionheart mod and come to this fantasy world right away. Train your strength and wits through the toughest dungeon challenges. Constantly becoming stronger over time with your own efforts.

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