Banana Kong MOD APK (Unlimited bananas, hearts)

Updated 18/01/2024 (1 month ago)
NameBanana Kong APK
PublisherFDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG
MOD FeaturesUnlimited bananas, hearts
SupportAndroid 4.1+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK Banana Kong

Have you ever seen a monkey flying in the air? Banana Kong is capable of helping you feel and experience this. The story is about a cute, mischievous, and gluttonous monkey Kong. It’s great that you are the one who sets your own record. Go ahead and reap the rewards. The more bananas you have, the more you will upgrade Kong. Kong will gradually become nimble each time. Be a smart person when choosing the way, otherwise, our monkey will have to stop there.

Monkeys usually belong to the green forest where there are many fruits, and that is also their favorite food. But for Banana Kong that is not enough. The character you incarnate has many special abilities to cope with all difficulties at challenging levels. If in doubt about anything, open the game Banana Kong to see if I am correct or not? Surely you will not be disappointed if you want a simple game but bring the fun. If you need stronger gameplay, Pico Tanks, Call of Mini Zombies are probably impossible suggestions.

banana kong mod

Download Banana Kong mod – The amazing escape of baby monkeys

In Banana Kong, you will be the one to help the monkey Kong “run away” from the terrible banana landslide. When running, do not forget to add the necessary energy to increase your strength. Players will incarnate into the monkey Kong and go to eat all the bananas on the tree or on the seafloor. The game makes us more agile when running, jumping, rushing, and swinging on vines. Experience the most realistic thrill while playing because there are many obstacles on the way. Please manipulate flexibly to help Kong overcome all tough challenges. Run quickly for Kong to escape an avalanche of bananas.

banana kong apk

Easily conquer danger

Kong will sprint on its own with a single touch. Your monkey will fly up to collect bananas to increase energy. Hold your finger down to let Kong slide for a short distance. And when you dash to the right, it will cause a devastating force as large as the shoulder. This helps Kong to overcome obstacles on the track with ease. Banana Kong has very simple controls to support new players. During your run, please collect lots of bananas. With energy, the player will use it to overcome obstacles or smash rocks, water pipes … Upgrade Banana Kong to increase running power, increase the sensitivity of the magnet. The player can upgrade depending on the number of bananas collected.

banana kong apk mod

Adventure with Kong

Each run is a level, it will range from easy to difficult. You must collect as many bananas as possible to recharge you and Kong’s monkey companion. To find the secrets, you must use throws to destroy. With its easy gameplay, players can completely smash it. Banana Kong’s main focus is to help Kong escape the banana storm that is following it. If not fast, your monkey will get squashed and you have to start all over again.

Explore many different terrains

The forest terrain, rocky caves, branches, and seabed in Banana Kong will make players unable to sit still. Want to cross other locations, players will have to cross obstacles. When diving into the ocean to play with fish, when climbing on a climbing rope to climb up the tree, or more interestingly, exploring the ground… Each terrain has obstacles that Kong faces.

Kong’s savior

The three types of animals that will help Kong in the process of moving are the Turtle, the Toucan, and the Pig. Each species has its own characteristics. For example, the Toucan bird will help our monkey fly higher while running. And the turtle will help the baby monkey get rid of his sharp teeth. Or the pigs will help Kong have a chance to survive and adventure further in the green forest. You should never forget such kind friends, even if that help is the smallest thing.

banana kong mod free

Kong’s daily duties

The banana tornado will always try to harm the monkey, but it fails. Because Kong is an intelligent monkey, cleverness is accompanying you. Banana Kong will ask you to perform a number of tasks. After completing that, you will receive the required amount of bananas. Banana Kong’s mission system is similar to Endless Running. The assigned quests are easy to understand and as an indispensable part of this game. All requirements are valid for one game only.

banana kong apk free

Just a few simple steps you can comfortably have fun with Banana Kong. Think of it as your own trip, not playing a game. Easy to get used to, easy to play, easy to manipulate has created a strong attraction for Banana Kong. Download Banana Kong mod to collect colorful fruits and overcome the toughest challenges.

How to Download & Install Banana Kong MOD APK (Unlimited bananas, hearts) for Android


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