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Updated 03/06/2024 (2 months ago)
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK wormate.io

If you want to entertain with a simple but fast and fun game. Then trust me and go to wormate.io. This game at first glance will not be interesting. But just take a look at a few gameplay clips and you will want to download and try it right away. It is very suitable for those who want to relax in a short time. No need for a game that is too fussy and time-consuming. The great thing is that wormate.io meets all those requirements. It will only take you a few minutes to experience this game. And it doesn’t take time to practice. You can master it already.

Wormate.io will give you a bit of familiarity with legendary snake-eating games like Snake Xenzia or Slither.io. It is true that it carries the same style and gameplay as those games. But will be simplified thanks to the movements and design of the worm that you control. You will have to face other players. In a vast world with limits. Try to collect food, destroy other players to get higher and higher scores.

wormate.io mod apk free

Download wormate.io – Supergiant worm war

Control your worm with a single action. That is putting your finger on the screen. Its tip will automatically point towards your finger. Just like that used to move back and forth with different movements. You will move in a large circular world. The place also has the appearance of other worms. Those are the players around the world. Along with the items on the map, food to increases your score when eating. The goal is to become the worm with the highest score. Your score will be posted to the live leaderboard and updated continuously.

Your opponents, of course – other players won’t just watch you run up the rankings like that. They will do whatever it takes to make a mess so you can’t eat your food. Or even find a way to make you die at any time. Be aware that when your head touches another player’s body. You will die instantly and leave the food for others to own. This is a very effective strategy of the masters for new players.

Items that work

On the giant map of wormate.io. In addition to your appearance, other players and food for all. There are also items with many different powers and abilities. Eating will give your worm special abilities for a limited time. x5 items help your score increase 5 times, acceleration items make the speed of the worm faster than all. Or especially the magnet used to attract food to his mouth. Along with many items with extremely special effects. Allows you to survive a bad play, wade up the leaderboard or speed up to make enemies fly.

wormate.io mod apk

Change your favorite look

Previous games like Slither.io already have the feature to change the appearance of your worm. Mainly colorful motifs or national flags of countries. For wormate.io, the look is pushed to a new level like never before. The motifs have now become much more colorful. Like worms from another planet. This idea also goes with the basic designs that you can choose from. Freedom to express your personality in fierce top races. The goal is still to help your worm to be as big as possible.

Invite friends to compete

If only playing with other players. No interaction is a pretty sad thing. So what do you think when you can invite more close friends to play with you? Think about what happens when people fight each other. Definitely chaotic and fun. Controversy breaks out when you or someone else dies because of the fault of one of the team members. Then it turns into laughter and relaxation. Don’t underestimate the power of the crowd. Especially when you have a bunch of close friends who can joke around all the time.

wormate.io mod

There really isn’t much to say about wormate.io. Because it is inherently a very simple game. Suitable for playing in short spare time. Or on holidays where you can gather with friends. Don’t underestimate its simplicity. It is the simplicity that has contributed to making the game more and more popular and attractive. Help people can dispel fatigue and frustration. If you want to try, wormate.io mod is waiting for you.

How to Download & Install wormate.io APK for Android


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