UNKILLED MOD APK 2.1.21 (Menu/Unlimited ammo, god mode, high damage)

Updated on 01/12/2022 (2 months ago)
PublisherMADFINGER Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited ammo, god mode, high damage
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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You are curious about the world of zombies despite watching many movies and reading many books. But you still don’t know what zombies look like and their characteristics? Come to UNKILLED a game about zombies. Those of you who often read stories can also call it ”apocalypse”. The game UNKILLED will let you know the true form of zombies and their behavior. Coming to UNKILLED you will be answered all the curious things about zombies. From how to survive to how to kill zombies, UNKILLED will guide you through it all.

UNKILLED action game genre attracts players, participating in the era of the zombie pandemic. Your task will be to go through the cities looking for survivors. Killing all the zombies in that city takes everyone to a safe area. You will be immersed in the doomsday world. Use your skills to survive there. Fight with billions of zombies including mutant zombies over time they will become stronger and more bloodthirsty.


Download UNKILLED mod – Fight zombies in the apocalypse

You will play as a soldier fighting weak zombies at the beginning of the apocalypse. In UNKILLED you will fight madly for your life. After killing monsters, it will drop items like blood and money. Pick them up because it’s useful to you. Blood is the most important, so of course, in any situation, it must be picked up first. The money will help you buy more advanced weapons with stronger attack power. Go through a lot of cities and kill all zombies to save the survivors. UNKILLED will give you a sharper sense of realism than ever before.

Kill the zombies

It is very difficult to find survivors of the apocalypse. You have to cross many cities to search, where there are thousands of zombies. It only takes a small noise to attract them. Zombies have poor eyesight, but in return, their sensitivity is very high, so be careful and gentle. On the way to kill zombies, pick up the necessary supplies that are useful to meet your needs. Note that the longer the time, the higher the number of zombies, and their strength will increase. So kill as many as you can while they’re still weak.

UNKILLED mod download

Fight with teammates around the world

UNKILLED gives you the opportunity to team up with everyone in the world. Fight side by side to destroy thousands of zombies. You will not be alone in UNKILLED, in this game your teammates will be a solid defense for you on the way to kill zombies. Create your own powerful army to fight other groups even though they are not zombies, but the apocalypse changes their personalities. Becoming evil and ferocious is like a zombie with a human appearance. Together with teammates to improve their forces and attack power to deal with all bad situations.

UNKILLED mod androi

State-of-the-art equipment

UNKILLED has a huge arsenal of weapons, along with great lethality. Submachine guns to rifles, heavy weapons are all available at UNKILLED. It’s even more complete than the army’s arsenal. With one condition that you will have to earn a lot of money to be able to own them. So kill as many zombies as possible, pick up items after they die. Collect and exchange for powerful weapons that increase the attack power for yourself and your team. Help you survive this apocalypse. UNKILLED owns the most advanced and modern weapons, let’s hold it in hand and experience them.

UNKILLED mod apk

Attacks and rewards

After frantic battles and near-death moments. Those things make you break through to a new level, along with your strength or agility will be a big step forward. Through those leveling up you and your teammates will become stronger. At the same time, they also have to shoulder more important and dangerous tasks. In addition, when progressing, there will be attractive gifts to accompany. Money helps you buy new weapons or increase the rank of weapons. It is also possible that the reward will be the weapon you wish to have.

UNKILLED mod free

In the game UNKILLED, you will experience a wild world. Where there are dangers lurking around you. Fight with your teammates through those dangers. Destroy all the zombies to find peace for the world. Download UNKILLED mod to join the great war with billions of zombies to find peace for your world.

Download UNKILLED MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited ammo, god mode, high damage) for Android

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