Pico Tanks MOD APK (Unlimited money) 60.0.0

Updated 19/09/2023 (6 days ago)
NamePico Tanks APK
PublisherPanda Arcade
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce Pico Tanks MOD APK

Have you ever seen a chaotic battle between funny-shaped tanks, even cute? If not, then you will definitely see it now. It is in this Pico Tanks game here. And participating in this chaotic game is not just you. But also the participation of allies as well as opponents. It is designed to closely resemble a MOBA game. But with slightly different gameplay and the pace of the game is also pretty fast. Make sure that you will be very excited and excited to experience this exciting game.

Although it was a battle between tanks, there was no offensive or violent image. Because their design is extremely interesting and lovely. Incorporate a more clumsy gait when moving. Great for all ages to try Pico Tanks. The same environment does not force so it is very accessible to many gamers from young to old. I must say it was really fun and you should try it now. If you do not believe it, please find out with me first.

Pico Tanks free

Download Pico Tanks mod – the funniest tank battlefield

Each player will be logged into his or her own account. Start your first match in Pico Tanks. The first stage will be quite financially scarce for you. If you are not a Pay to Win player then be patient to fight a lot. Collect and accumulate money to unlock new tanks with more powers and functions. Usually, the battlefield will mainly be 3vs3. Your 3 player team will battle 3 player opponents. Scrambling to achieve goals in each enemy mode. It could be destroying the enemy, capturing points, or gathering necessary goods.

On your match screen include 2 Joysticks on 2 sides. One takes on the role of mobility. One is used to navigate the tank’s cannon. Ammo will automatically be fired when it hits the intended target, so you don’t need to worry too much. There are also buttons for interaction with teammates. Like an expressive button showing status. Button calls for a battle, regrouping a certain position, and assists in the healing of allies. Please use them in the right case. For you and your teammates to promote the most effective coordination.

Pico Tanks mod mod

Design your own tank

It is allowed to own multiple tanks in the same account. This is the primary vehicle for you to use in battles. There are many types of tanks with different strengths, stats, health, and damage. You will own all of them but only use one per game. So choosing options to coordinate well with teammates is a very important thing. There are tanks that only need good coordination to decide an entire match. Examine the battlefield and your opponents to prepare the most suitable contingencies. Preserve victory and bring glory to your team.

Pico Tanks mod

Try out the game modes

There are three main game modes to consider in Pico Tanks. Each mode has its own difficulty. The first is the flag robbery mode, you and 2 teammates will spread out together. Or go together to capture more than 2 points or more. The team with more flags wins. Second is the receiving mode, one person on the team will lead the package back to base. While the other 2 people were trying to protect themselves under the blazing enemy’s attack. The third and most interesting is the carnage mode. In this mode, Pico Tanks becomes a real chaotic battlefield. All rushed to kill each other. The team with more kills wins.

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Join friends and relatives

Undeniably very good and humorous gameplay of the game. But it will be much more meaningful and fun if we can play with friends or relatives. Together unleashed shot and killed everywhere with many powerful tanks. Enjoying the teammate’s mode will help coordinate more closely and effectively. Not to mention, it also brings more refreshing laughter when everyone can be together. Delicious dishes are indispensable for you to enjoy. Get together when you have free time and fight your teammates next to you so everyone can be closer together.

Pico Tanks mod apk

Bring many interesting experiences for players. Along with cute smooth 3D chibi graphics. And the basic game modes but very engaging. Pico Tanks will give you a different perspective on tanks that are known to be thorny and deadly. Now appeared on a very humorous appearance. Download the Pico Tanks mod now to better understand this great fighting game.

How to Download & Install Pico Tanks MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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2. Click download and wait for the file to download to your device.
3. Install and enjoy


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