Talking Tom Time Rush MOD APK (Menu/Infinite Gems)

Updated 10/07/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameTalking Tom Time Rush APK
PublisherOutfit7 Limited
MOD FeaturesMenu/Infinite Gems
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Talking Tom Time Rush

Along with the cat, Tom and his friends run through the magic gate in Talking Tom Time Rush. Tom and his friends need the crystal ball to open the way inside. But the magic gate that opened before the adorable pet friends is destroyed. An enemy named racoons stole the crystal and entered that world first. Tomcats can also enter through the opened gate but will not control it. Tom’s enemies will rule the magical world and bring unexpected challenges. Help the cute cat Tom complete the chase with the thief and get back the magic stone.

The magic gate prepares to welcome the cat Tom inside with discoveries. But a ghost thief entered the front gate and ruined Tom’s fun. He also carried a crystal ball and began to mess up his journey in the magical world. Your cat Tom needs to chase the thief and find the orb that heals the world. You will control the journey of the cat Tom, and you can also explore the planets. The magic stone in the hands of the thief will take you on a chase across the universe. Control the cat Tom to follow the crystal bandit and enter the mysterious worlds of magic.

Talking Tom Time Rush android

Download Talking Tom Time Rush mod – Join the race in the magical world

Inside the mysterious world unlocked with the crystal ball, there are always mysteries to uncover. The power from the crystal ball has created parallel worlds and many treasures. But the crystal thief quickly collected them all and ran forward to escape. This world would lose its balance if the treasure rob fled to the outside. So you have to help the cat Tom chase the evil panda and return the treasure to the world. These parallel worlds are invariably linked together, and the panda hides somewhere. Choose any pet to race with the thief who dares to steal the magical treasure.

Talking Tom Time Rush apk

The world of magic

Your cat Tom will run on tracks with thieves in the magical world. The gate made by the crystal ball brought Tom and his pet friends in. But entering with the pets is a raccoon thief with cunning greed. He stole the world’s crystal and took it with him to steal more treasures. Tom cat unintentionally led the thief in and must be responsible for finding the crystal. The world’s running tracks will have obstacles to prevent the cat Tom and the thief. Control your cat Tom to overcome the barriers and catch up with the evil panda thief.

Talking Tom Time Rush free

Pet friends

Follow Tom into this world with other fun and cute pet friends. They also knew of the panda thief’s existence and wanted to help Tom. So you can also control Tom’s cat friends to continue chasing. They will run with you through parallel magical worlds and dangerous obstacles. Carefully control Tom and move forward and find the stolen crystal. The goal of Tom and his friends is to catch up and catch the panda thief ahead. Explore parallel worlds with your pet friends, and don’t let the thief get away.

Talking Tom Time Rush mod

Parallel worlds

You will go with Tom and his friends into a parallel world through a magical portal. The magical world unlocks crystals that can take you to any open world. But the decision lies with the panda thief when he steals the crystal ball. And in the journey to chase the thief, you and Tom will explore parallel worlds. Those worlds all welcome Tom with spells but also tricky obstacles. Only through all of them can Tom catch up and catch the thief of the magic ball. Explore the magic of parallel worlds and chase the thief away from the magical orbs and treasures.

Talking Tom Time Rush mod apk

The parallel world created by the magic stone was turned upside down by a panda thief. The planets are wholly interconnected, and you can enter any world. And the thief also ran inside those worlds and held the magic ball in his hand. Tom and his friends must quickly retrieve the stone and restore order to the world. The race with this panda will have difficulties from the obstacles ahead. But if he can get through it all, Tom will bring back the stone and help the world recover. Download Talking Tom Time Rush mod to chase the panda thief and restore the magical world.

How to Download & Install Talking Tom Time Rush MOD APK (Menu/Infinite Gems) for Android


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