Call of Mini Zombies MOD APK (Immortal, onehit) 4.4.2

Updated 26/04/2021 (3 years ago)
NameCall of Mini Zombies APK
PublisherTriniti Interactive Studios Limited
MOD FeaturesImmortal, onehit
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Call of Mini Zombies

If one day we humans are infected with a strange virus and there is no cure. It makes us humans zombies and frantically chasing each other. What would you do in that critical situation? Runaway and get scared? Now, let’s take your guns and destroy them together. Enter Call of Mini Zombies and experience the feeling of destroying the undead right away. Show them your skill at shooting and save this beautiful world.

Is a game with blocky graphics like Minecraft. Call of Mini Zombies is set in the world being destroyed by the zombie epidemic. Humans have been destroyed and only the undead remain wandering the streets. Your mission is to use your weapons to destroy them. In the past, we only saw zombie-destroying heroes in movies. But now the dream has come true. Your own hands will use the weapons to discharge bullets into dangerous corpses. Destroy them and make them no way back. You will become a fighting hero in the apocalypse of Earth. Save the world you love and create a better place.

Call of Mini Zombies dowload

Download Call of Mini Zombies – Become a zombie hunter

When you come to Call of Mini Zombies you will be transformed into a talented zombie hunter. What you need to do is destroy the bloodthirsty undead. Choose your weapon to fight them through dramatic levels. Work side-by-side with survivors to maintain the last human stronghold. Only you can destroy them. Use all of the most modern and powerful weapons to attack them. Affirming the strength of the human race to the bloodthirsty zombies like them. Be careful because the boss will come once every 5 days. You need to become strong and fight your teammates to defeat it fully.

Call of Mini Zombies apk

The excitement is dead

What could be more interesting than standing in the middle of a herd of zombies in Call of Mini Zombies and enjoying the fun. Alone you will be confronted with thousands of corpses bursting out at the same time. Every shot that is fired makes you feel the excitement. Each falling corpse will make your desire to fight even higher. What is more interesting than destroying them yourself, dodging their attacks, and possessing heavy weapons to kill them. Hearing the sound of them falling, swarms perished under your ruthless gun. Hone yourself shooting skills through the levels and gradually you will become very powerful.

Call of Mini Zombies mod

Fight with friends

It would be tedious to play alone and with no one involved, right? Immediately invite friends and relatives into Call of Mini Zombies to fight together. Create teams to play high difficulty levels. Explore new lands that contain many dangers. Together, destroy the strongest and most difficult Bosses. Bring me extremely valuable and useful trophies. Use it to buy all the most powerful weapons. Having more friends means more strength. Take advantage of this to increase your skills to coordinate best with each other. Thereby understanding each other better and together reaching glory in Call of Mini Zombies.

Call of Mini Zombies mod apk

New lands

You won’t just have to play in a small space. Call of Mini Zombies also updates many new lands for you to explore. Each land is a different mystery. There are many different types of zombies waiting for you to destroy them. Adventure around the worlds of Call of Mini Zombies to discover interesting things. Find and collect valuable items to increase your resources. Be sure to buy an antiviral serum because if you get a bite you can use it. Become a powerful zombie hunter heading to new lands to destroy the undead. Rescue humanity from catastrophic destruction.

Call of Mini Zombies free

New weapons and features

When you talk about weapons, be prepared. Because in Call of Mini Zombies there are dozens of powerful weapons for you to choose from. Each weapon will have different advantages and disadvantages. They will be used depending on your purpose and circumstances. Please choose wisely because it is what protects your life. It will save you in the most difficult circumstances by using it against the undead. Offering lots of characters to choose from before fighting. There are many interesting game modes to choose from. Let’s download Call of Mini Zombies mod to transform into a zombie hunter right away.

How to Download & Install Call of Mini Zombies MOD APK (Immortal, onehit) for Android


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