MOD APK (God mod/Unlocked skins) 2.1.17

Updated 19/06/2024 (4 days ago) APK
PublisherKooapps Games | Fun Arcade and Casual Action Games
MOD FeaturesGod mod/Unlocked skins
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play MOD APK detail?
  1. All Skins Unlocked
  2. God mod
  3. Drone View (Zoom)
  4. No Ads
  • V2: Unlimited money

Introduce MOD APK

If anyone is a fan of the online game genre, they will no longer feel strange about the famous MOD APK (God mod/Unlocked skins) name. The game belongs to the familiar arcade genre that has been modified with many unique online features. Online events attract friends and other worms to join the battle. The classic twist of the game about snakes opens a new chapter in vogue. The player’s snake is taken to a large field with glowing bait particles. On this land, there are thousands of other snakes from small to large. The same big goal is to collect as many glowing baits as possible. APK 2.1.17 is a great classic in the jungle of arcade games. Here you need to compete with other players’ snakes on all continents. Just like in contested royal battles, only the strongest can become king over his kind. If you’re a newbie, refer to the player instructions specified in the menu item. The gameplay is not too picky, control your snake to eat the colorful beads. These seeds will make your snake grow longer and bigger. They also make your rankings higher and higher. The snake skins are added and added a lot. apk

Download APK mod – Master your snake and make it the top of the leaderboard

In the beginning, the player can choose one of the snakes the manufacturer put into the game. Then directly engage in battle with thousands of different snakes. This game is quite fair as everyone will start from a very small snake. After the particles accumulate, the color glows, becoming larger and longer. You can easily stop other snakes on a whim. When killed, they will turn into beads of their color. Take advantage of the path they leave to swallow their prey in the most comprehensive way. Participate in competitions to face boss snakes and compete for a place on the server board. apk free

Classic Snake Control MOD APK is upgraded than the old version with a smoother and more responsive operation. The snake will follow your finger movement; wherever you go, they will go there. Even the manipulations of head rotation or curling also happened smoothly and borrowed. The speed of the snake will mostly be the same. The remarkable thing is the acceleration button in the right corner of the screen. It has an upward arrow shape with a broken tail. Tap this arrow button to give your snake a sudden boost. Once you are familiar with the operation, you can completely create special skills. For example, go fast to block another snake’s head. android

Hundreds of different skins

The game creator has created many different skins for snakes for you to freely molt your snake. They only differ in skins, where skills and speed still depend on the player’s hand. There are skins in the shape of different animals and there are realistic legs. Tiger shape with black stripes on it. The snake has the head of a dog, cat or rabbit with full forelegs and hind legs. There are also ninja skins holding a mysterious sword in the front hand. Luminescent dragons and wolves attract the eye. Or simply ordinary snakes. Therefore, this playground is a gathering place for countless creatures. mod apk

Play with other people

A battle is impossible without enemies and teammates. has two main game modes: solo and team play. First about the solo play style. You will be released into an area full of other snakes and do not know each other. In the upper right corner is a ranking of the top 10 names. Eat more colored seeds, become longer and bigger to become hegemony. The names on the board are also updated and changed regularly. The team mode is of course to play with your friends. Invite your subordinates to join the battle with other teams to earn diamonds to spend money to buy more rare new skins. mod

Let’s bring slick slithering steps past other animals. If you have skillful skills, you can easily make the opponent’s snake stab you. Kill many opponents and eat more colored beads. Can form a circle around smaller snakes. Wait for them to crash into your body and die. At that time, rotate and wait for the results. The color beads are already in the belly. Download mod controls your snake to overcome other opponents and eat all colored particles.

How to Download & Install MOD APK (God mod/Unlocked skins) for Android


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