Honkai Impact 3rd MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited skills) 7.3.0

Updated 29/02/2024 (2 months ago)
NameHonkai Impact 3rd APK
PublishermiHoYo Limited
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited skills
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Honkai Impact 3rd

Have you ever participated in the battles to defeat the enemy by color? Without a lot of bulky and advanced tools, you still master your struggle. Honkai Impact 3rd is an exciting game version on the above topic. The character you own is a petite girl who has never succumbed to evil. Use every magical color you have to defeat your enemies. The chaos that the evil causes are just a psychological trick. They will quickly be removed from the world with just amazing color lines. Other wonderful girls will accompany you. So let’s quickly start the war to restore the world.

Honkai Impact 3rd is the place to turn you into an influential leader. A super giant snake attacked and swallowed the moon and stars. The world becomes a dark color. Life seems to be destroyed by the darkness that the world is suffering. You are the missing position that needs to be filled. The battle to overcome the night to bring back the ordinary world will soon break out. You will be a strong female warrior. Put on a beautiful outfit and assert your strength with the other teammates! There is no need for bloody wars. Honkai Impact 3rd does not need you to integrate a lot of good weapons.

Honkai Impact 3rd mod

Download Honkai Impact 3rd – Restore the colors of the world

A great mission will be assigned to you and your lovely female character. You master the nib and fun colors in Honkai Impact 3rd. You will coordinate with other teammates in this game to overcome challenges. There are many missions that you have to complete thoroughly, including the most difficult one. The troublemakers called Honkai will constantly annoy you and your teammates. The beautiful and personality girls will work together to defeat the evil Honkai. They are huge and continuously create challenges to squeeze you out. Be one of the strong girls and soon win revival for the world.

Honkai Impact 3rd mod apk

Strong girls

The Honkai Impact series is full of attractive and confident girls. You can choose a girl who makes you feel most comfortable expressing yourself. Those who have ever stepped into the world of Honkai Impact will know through many extremely diverse characters. You will meet Valkyrie girls who look small but contain admirable strength. Many names leave a unique impression on players when participating in Honkai Impact. Bronya Zaychik, Raiden Mei, Kiana, or the key Griseo of Honkai Impact 3rd all bring you admiration with their stunning appearance. Resilient female warriors defeat monsters with powerful color strokes. Players are fascinated by the ingenuity of the Valkyrie girls.

Honkai Impact 3rd apk

Full of new costumes and weapons

The game is equipped with an array of beautiful clothes in a variety of colors and designs. Remember the magical costumes of the heroines on the pages of manga? Now you will experience those same haughty outfits and confidently fight like warriors. The strokes create heroic pictures, which is the weapon for you to defeat the monsters. The more strokes you start, the more energy you accumulate. Some secondary weapons can help you further in tough battles. You can use the cross weapon, the key blade, but the most important thing is the mighty pen. Make the most of the guns in the game for your battle.

Honkai Impact 3rd apk free

Attractive shimmering colors

Honkai Impact 3rd gives players an interface with incredibly vibrant colors. You will probably be overwhelmed with the shimmering hues of the characters and background details. The breakthrough in color and interface in the game helps this game quickly win the hearts of players. Therefore, it is not surprising that Honkai Impact has become very popular. Wonderful character creates super heroic drawings and is also based on extreme music. It all blends and gives you a magical and new fighting experience. The world you are fighting for will soon regain peace. The colorful life you create will gradually be revived in the little girls.

Honkai Impact 3rd android

A journey of adventure and exhilarating combat will make you highly excited. Experience transforming into beautiful female warriors with powerful drawings. You will discover your limits when entering the matches. The strength of women is not inferior to any men. Download Honkai Impact 3rd mod to transform into beautiful and talented Valkyrie female warriors.

How to Download & Install Honkai Impact 3rd MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited skills) for Android


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I can’t test it if it won’t open.

App closes instantly

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