Dungeon Tactics: AFK Heroes MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.4.0

Updated 20/09/2021 (3 years ago)
NameDungeon Tactics: AFK Heroes APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Dungeon Tactics: AFK Heroes

Humans are poisonous creatures with rich imaginations and always want to explore all things in the world. Many expeditions to bring people from earth to space to the bottom of the ocean have been made. If you do not have the conditions to participate in an actual expedition, you can come to Dungeon Tactics: AFK Heroes. You will be participating in a special expedition – that is, to the underground. Dungeon Tactics: AFK Heroes is an interesting game produced by CookApps. The game belongs to the action-adventure genre that is very popular with young people.

CookApps is a Korean game developer that is extremely famous for its puzzle games. In addition, it is a combination of puzzle games with house design tasks. This time, CookApps brings a game about action, adventure. The game content revolves around a group of warriors on their way to explore the underground. Not knowing that, in this adventure topic, what will CookApps bring? Come and experience this game for yourself.

Dungeon Tactics AFK Heroes mod download

Download Dungeon Tactics: AFK Heroes mod – Conquer the underground world

Are you ready to explore a whole new world underground? That world contains a lot of mysterious and equally dangerous things. Follow me and find like-minded people. I can form an invincible battle formation. In this strange land, at any time, you can meet attackers. So having a squad of heroic friends will help you get to the finish line.


Stepping underground, you will be prevented by an army of underground people. The adventure that has been made cannot be stopped. Therefore, the attack is the only way to the finish line. Players will choose the characters they want to add to the squad. Use their skills and charge forward. No matter how many and dangerous the enemy army is, it cannot stop our attack. Drain the enemy’s blood and energy and create terror in the dark underground.

Dungeon Tactics AFK Heroes mod apk free

Play according to your own strategy

The higher the level, the stronger the enemy. Your soldiers need to upgrade and equip protective gear and weapons and need a suitable combination. Use your tactical talent to come up with the most suitable attack ideas. Fighting with intelligence will be much easier to win. A mighty army will not only fight with strength but also with will and brain.

Dungeon Tactics AFK Heroes apk

New character collection

Guess how many heroes you can meet and recruit. Oh! That’s really a lot. Everyone is so talented and extraordinary. There are witches with many spells, brave warriors ready to sacrifice themselves, talented female knights, etc… The attacks certainly cannot be without them. So, unlock all the characters and join your team. Choose the best squad to participate in the upcoming battles. Don’t forget to upgrade your beloved character to help them become stronger and stronger.

Dungeon Tactics AFK Heroes mod

Enchanting image

The image of Dungeon Tactics is quite simple but not so that it is less attractive to players. Since the setting was underground, the surroundings were pitch black. In some places, large and small rocks appear alternately. It was our heroes who brought light to this dark land. Their magic, when upgraded, will bring a more beautiful effect. Around the heroes will emit aura light. That light represents the spirit of magnanimity and courage. All create an epic battle going down in history.

Dungeon Tactics AFK Heroes mod android

AFK feature

Surely gamers are too familiar with the word AFK. This word refers to a person who is in a match but exits. Too great, right! If it is other online games, that will cause the player to receive a failed ending, but with an offline game like Dungeon Tactics: AFK Heroes, it is different. You just let the characters fight freely without thinking. Characters become even stronger on their own when you’re not there. With this feature, you can continuously plow the game to level up quickly.

Dungeon Tactics AFK Heroes mod apk

Dungeon Tactics: AFK Heroes is really an interesting game. With the AFK feature and offline mode, this is a great convenience. Download now Dungeon Tactics: AFK Heroes mod, become a member of the most exciting underground expedition. Defeat monsters and mystical armies that stand in your way. Make friends and make new friends with supernatural abilities. Dungeon Tactics: AFK Heroes mod is great. It offers endless fun and entertainment for all ages.

How to Download & Install Dungeon Tactics: AFK Heroes MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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