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Updated 13/06/2024 (1 week ago)
NameMajor Mayhem APK
Publisher[adult swim] games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Free purchase
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Major Mayhem

You can find countless action or survival games in a harsh world. Then somewhere, one day, you see the name Major Mayhem with the color of war. The game is simple and suitable for those who love the action style with high entertainment and lightness. Major Mayhem is one of many games that you should not miss. Wars will break out right here.

Major Mayhem is a shooter that combines fast, simple gameplay. Along with that is the 3D graphic style to increase the realism of the game. The game requires players to have high computing speed and quick eyes to overcome the obstacles in the game. It won’t be too difficult when you try to join here. Any skill that you want to master will require long-term effort. Take part in great battles. Defeat everyone who wants to stand in your way. Bring peace back to this world.

Major Mayhem mod

Download Major Mayhem mod – Save the world and my love

In Major Mayhem, the player takes on a lone agent fighting all sorts of targets. The ninja invaders have advanced to many lands destroying many creatures and structures that your country has built. More difficult is that they are capturing a heart, which is your girlfriend. The girl you love has been kidnapped, so what you need to do right now is to fight them with your skills. Protect the world in danger, help the government take back the country. And rescue his love.

With straightforward gameplay, touch the target on the screen to destroy the ninjas, agents… Players can easily play with just one button. Guess the enemy’s bullet path to be able to dodge accurately. Observe the direction of their movement to be able to hide as quickly as possible. Taking too much damage will reduce the amount of defense you have. So calculate carefully in every fight because the difficulty will be increased gradually with each level.

Major Mayhem mod free

Thrilling battles

Major Mayhem has 4 different game modes. Each mode will introduce restrictions on the type of play, and the number of goals is increasing. There are 150 mini-quests to help you increase your money. 100 achievements for you to conquer. Completing missions will give you many attractive rewards. Turn yourself into a great hero overcoming all 4 dangerous game modes. Notice the advantages that each mode possesses to fight accordingly. Make the most of your abilities based on your skills.

Major Mayhem mod android

Diverse arsenal

Many types of guns can be used in the game, creating a variety of weapons. Players will use the gold they earn to own any gun they want. Typical are sniper rifles, shotguns, uzi… The more levels you play, the more gold you will collect to buy items. Along with that, players can buy some auxiliary items to support the battle. Don’t forget, because there will be times when you need to use it to pass the level successfully.

Major Mayhem mod apk free

Vibrant battlespace

The longer you fight, the more opponents you defeat will take you to different lands. Battlefield in each region with typical landscapes such as tropics, big cities, and deserts. Establish yourself with the best skills to easily overcome any terrain. Occasionally on the game screen, you will see the appearance of chickens. Major Mayhem allows you to shoot chickens for more entertainment and fun. This is quite a creative and interesting novelty of this game.

Illustrious victory

Since it’s a battlefield, there should be goals to improve one’s achievements. Players can know how to hit an achievement successfully. In the game Major Mayhem, achievements are divided into 4 groups. Each group will have its own characteristics to create various feats and find out which of these will work for you. Completing as much will make players feel like they are conquering the inner world of this Major Mayhem game.

Major Mayhem mod apk

Major Mayhem mod has been very successful in bringing players into the world of fierce battles. Although the gameplay sounds very simple, it does not make you feel boring. On the contrary, the game can make you more interesting when the story goes on in a row. Feel a world of war at its truest. Only your gunfire and countless enemies will have to lie down. Try to survive to win and rescue your love.

How to Download & Install Major Mayhem MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Free purchase) for Android


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