The Last Hope: Zombie Defense MOD APK (Menu, Auto kill enemy) v1.61

Updated on 14/09/2022 (1 year ago)
NameThe Last Hope: Zombie Defense APK
PublisherDUK Games
MOD FeaturesMenu, Auto kill enemy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Humanity in The Last Hope: Zombie Defense is in danger of being annihilated by the undead. Be one of the most remarkable survivors ready to fight to the death. But that won’t happen if you have enough confidence in yourself. With found weapons in hand, stand up and show them the power of man. Hope will be created, and this disaster will eventually end, no matter the cost. All of their attacks can’t get through here. The human alliance is forming the most vigorous defense.

Strategy and zombies are two elements that are incredibly suitable when mixed from beautiful movies that were adapted into The Last Hope: Zombie Defense. The extraordinary vitality of man before the disaster was highly intense. It will give you a feeling of fighting with all you have. The rushing images and sounds create incredibly suspenseful situations. Fear can be heightened when the enemy is too close to the limit. Will your strategy be enough to hold back these ruthless bloodthirsty creatures?

The Last Hope Zombie Defense mod

Download The Last Hope: Zombie Defense mod – Repel the invasion of the undead

After the apocalyptic disaster, people hardly appeared on any streets anymore. But you and your comrades survived to find the survivors. To ensure the safety of your base and evacuations, you need to take precautions. Attacks of the undead can come at any time. Your responsibility will be to place your members in essential places. The undead will advance along the predicted path. If your force succeeds in destroying them all, they will be able to leave. At the same time, the rewards are also given to the most deserving person on the team.

Build watchtowers

The most effective way to fight the undead is to create sturdy watchtowers. These watchtowers will have soldiers standing and controlling them. They will attack all targets that appear in their range continuously. We will have many towers such as bombs, bows, guns, rockets, and electricity. These watchtowers can be upgraded to enhance their effectiveness. Helps you to resist more significant attacks later. The more zombies you kill, the more towers you can build. Level up to unlock new options that are more effective for your strategy.

The Last Hope Zombie Defense mod free

Summon Soldiers

Unlike the watchtowers that only stay in one place, soldiers can completely move around freely. These soldiers will stand guard in the middle of the road instead of on the side of the road. They will directly confront the undead to prevent them from entering the base. These people can be destroyed if they take too much damage. But you can upgrade them to bring more valuable weapons. The increased HP will also help to best survive against the enemy. Every war will have sacrifices, but it is worth it for us to move on. Find a better future for yourself from the outstanding contributions of previous generations.

The Last Hope Zombie Defense mod apk

Dangerous zombies

The total number of undead in The Last Hope: Zombie Defense will be classified into 25 different strains. Each species will have a particular type of mutation that creates tremendous mutant power. For example, zombies with mouths in their stomachs quickly devour soldiers. Some species can spray poison that causes us to suffer heavy damage. Some can achieve tremendous speed to reach the goal faster. Your team will meet them on the following maps through the levels. More and more of what looks like the worst nightmares are being made. Building strength for the entire force is how to get the victory we want.

The Last Hope Zombie Defense mod android

Confront the boss

If you have easily defeated regular zombies, don’t be too happy. Behind them are the so-called bosses with exceedingly terrible fighting power. They have a size that is much larger than regular zombies. Not only that, but it also has outstanding advantages such as severe damage or many HP. To stop them, we better have a dense defense. Continually consume their HP before being able to get close to the barracks. Need to upgrade the most elite warriors so that they can decisively fight them. Bring your glory in The Last Hope: Zombie Defense mod.

Download The Last Hope: Zombie Defense MOD APK (Menu, Auto kill enemy) for Android

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