Dino Bash MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.9.8

Updated 01/03/2024 (4 months ago)
NameDino Bash APK
PublisherTilting Point
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Dino Bash

Dinosaurs are prehistoric creatures with extremely large sizes. They were considered to be the creatures that ruled the earth in ancient times and were the most dangerous. However, due to the great disaster, they could no longer appear. Now we can only see the remains of the skeletons of this species. If you are a person with an endless passion for this huge dinosaur. If you want to see firsthand how they fight, come to Dino Bash.

In ancient times where dinosaurs lived in peace. Suddenly one day the ancient people suddenly came to invade this land. They plotted to steal the eggs of unhatched dinosaurs. To protect their legacy, the dinosaurs had to stand up and fight. This is a game with a dinosaur theme and extremely entertaining graphics suitable for all ages. Stupid and healthy ancient people with big dinosaurs. The game is extremely entertaining and makes you feel very comfortable. You can play whenever you have free time without worrying about your progress.

Dino Bash mod download

Download Dino Bash mod – Protect precious dinosaur eggs

Dinosaur eggs are the future of dinosaurs. Yet the foolish ancient people dared to steal and destroy them. Lead your dinosaurs to fight against them now. There will be your barracks and that of the enemy side facing each other. The side that is destroyed first will lose and lose everything. Summon your powerful dinosaurs by clicking the summon box with their picture. Build a large army to drive the hungry ancient people out of your territory. Protect the survival of the dinosaurs with precious unhatched eggs. Do everything you can to defeat the invader.

Dino Bash mod apk

Unique dinosaurs

A lot of real-life featured dinosaurs will appear in Dino Bash. They will be divided into many different types with different abilities. The carnivorous dinosaurs have extremely large damage but weak health. The three-horned dinosaurs have a comprehensive amount of attack and defense. Long-necked dinosaurs will have a terrible amount of blood but are very slow. There are many dinosaurs with other characteristics waiting for you to discover. Get yourself a complete and diverse collection of dinosaurs. Build yourself a reasonable fighting squad. Support each other effectively to survive the wars with the ancients.

Dino Bash mod free

Dangerous enemies

The enemies of the dinosaurs are the hungry ancient people who are invading this land. Although they look stupid like that, they are very numerous and dangerous. There are guys with amazing health that can put you in a lot of trouble. There are those who are extremely agile and have high attack power. If combined, it will form an extremely strong squad that makes it difficult for you to resist. You must understand the characteristics of each type of person to come up with a reasonable battle strategy. From there arrange a group of dinosaurs that can counter the enemy side. Don’t mess around as this will throw your squad off balance. Since then, it has been defeated by a large number of enemies.

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Support tools

To win against those hungry ancient people, you need more help. There will be a lot of tools to help you to be able to stand in the way of the ancients. Typically, catapults deal with continuous damage to the enemy. Fireballs of ice can freeze enemies and slow them down. The specially designed extremely sophisticated traps will have the effect of holding back or dealing great damage to the enemy. You can smartly arrange these during the match. Make the enemy fall into a disadvantage and thereby counterattack. Do not abuse these traps too much because if so, you will not have enough money to be able to summon dinosaurs.

Dino Bash mod apk free

Rewrite history

You are the one who helps dinosaurs change this history. What if dinosaurs were not extinct but lived happily? Definitely not good for humans, but extremely valuable to dinosaurs. Dinosaurs will become the dominant species in this world. Humans will have to live in fear and not be able to steal eggs anymore. This is an outcome that you would never have expected. There will be a lot of levels with different levels for you to explore. Download Dino Bash mod to immediately own yourself extremely lovely dinosaurs. Lead them to defeat the stupid and gluttonous ancients.

How to Download & Install Dino Bash MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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