Battle Islands MOD APK (Unlimited money, troops) 5.4

Updated 06/12/2021 (2 years ago)
NameBattle Islands APK
Publisher505 Games Srl
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, troops
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Battle Islands MOD APK detail?

Developer Menu

  1. Unlimited Troops// Freezed ( always 1 troop ) instead of increase
  2. Unlimited Currencies

Introduce MOD APK Battle Islands

Set in 1942, full of chaos and horror of wars. Bringing players into battle with powerful tactics and armies, that is the Battle Islands. Many war games are on the market, and finding a perfect and excellent name is difficult and time-consuming. However, the Battle Islands is a real bright spot. The way it helps players develop their tactical thinking is extremely attractive. You will be caught up in the battles in the South Pacific. Command your division in the most fierce battles. Who will be the victor on this unforgiving battlefield?

It is a game with the theme of building a fortress, developing an army and fighting. Battle Islands is mainly aimed at intelligent and tactical players. How to make the most of your resources. Develop your military and forces to the highest possible level. Send troops to fight in the most dangerous places. Maybe those battles are just against machines. But it is also possible that you will fight with real players. Prepare yourself to face armed an army now.

Battle Islands mod

Download Battle Islands mod – The battle of the most ingenious commanders

The first job you need to do is to build an army base on a large island. In the beginning, it will be just simple small barracks. After many battles, as we grow and have lots of resources, we will build more fortified fortresses. Use the rest to develop your forces and unlock lots of modern powers. It would help if you worked hard to accumulate to have an abundant amount of resources. More importantly, where are you going to look for them? Through chaotic battles, of course. Where you spend your time calculating your every move and action.

When there is a specific army force, the battlefield will be the first destination of every player. It could be anywhere, on islands, in the middle of the sea or even in the vast sky. With a variety of vehicles and combat forces, each match is a separate battle of wits. Use the strength you have now, compared with the relative power of the enemy. As a commander, you have to make the best decisions. Create the position needed to win convincingly.

Battle Islands mod free

Main fighting forces

These will be the most critical factors that help you win a battle. First and foremost, we must prepare our forces. There are many different types of troops that you will unlock at higher levels. From the army such as infantry, tanks, jeeps, snipers, suicides… Naval parts such as warships, giant battleships, too many types of aerial fighters. Every kind of army has a unique strength stat. They have a certain amount of different resources for you to train and produce if you meet enough. Depending on the battlefield, the parts will contribute a specific strength. It would be best if you did thorough research.

Battle Islands mod apk

Occupy everywhere

The goal that a commander like you is aiming for is enemy bases scattered everywhere. When deciding to attack a base, choose the appropriate army to start the battle. The battlefield can be an island, a specific sea or airspace. Sometimes at great difficulty, battle locations will combine those terrains. That way, there is a better chance to see more types of armies fighting. That’s when you are free to create your strategy. Use and combine as many types of troops as you can. Lead your army to victory by the genius of its commander.

Make friends and exchange internationally

Don’t forget that you’re not the only one who plays this game. The number of players is vast enough for us to create hundreds of thousands of different battles. If you feel bored with the game mode one day, you can switch to playing with other players. You will feel the difference completely, and players have a much more unpredictable way of moving and tactics. Make friends in the game to interact with more people. Invite them into confrontations or work together to defeat the enemy. There is nothing more fun than being with friends and commanding an army to fight. Win on the world battlefield of the Battle Islands with wits and teamwork.

Battle Islands mod apk free

It can be said that war games can be found everywhere on every platform. It allows players to use many different strategies freely. Combine with other players or play independently to create your victory. Battle Islands mod is one of such fascinating war-themed games. Become a talented commander with a genius mind across all fronts.

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