SURVPUNK MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited everything/Instant win) 1.4.0

Updated 23/12/2021 (2 years ago)
PublisherBlack Bears
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited everything/Instant win
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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[ Player Menu ]

  • -> End Game (Tip : Enabled On The 3,2,1 Countdown) (PvE)

[ Account Menu ]

  • -> Everything Free


The post-apocalyptic world is a scenario that we do not want at all. You can also experience such a very different life in SURVPUNK. Build bases from scratch by yourself without anyone’s help. Recruit soldiers with skilled combat skills that can crush the enemy. Defend all you have and compete for colonies with other factions. Only cruelty will bring you a stable life.


As a card-collecting game, SURVPUNK also incorporates elements of military strategy. Bringing with it is the background of the post-apocalyptic Earth as desolate and ruined as in the movies. With this style, you will feel the attraction during the game. Use your intelligence to find an advantage against your opponent. Feel free to play anytime you feel free or bored. An extremely affordable entertainment tool to choose from for anyone.


Download SURVPUNK mod – Become the tycoon of the vast wasteland

As an individual existing in a ruthless world, you have the task of building your empire. The first is to recruit mighty warriors from the wars. Then lead they fight with others for their benefit. Explore new lands with a story of depth and intrigue. The more you go, the stronger you will become and master the necessary knowledge. Destroy enemy barracks to gain victory. Be careful because they are hazardous people with many unique abilities. Create reasonable tactics to repel them quickly.

SURVPUNK mod free

Collect heroes

It would help if you had heroes with superior combat ability to fight your opponents. These heroes will be divided into different types of combat units, and you will have a regular team with all stats equal to each other. Some heroes possess more powerful special combat weapons, and others use tremendous HP to crush their enemies. There were even snipers with guns in their hands, ready to shoot through their opponents’ armor. You can unlock anyone you want and upgrade them to increase their power. Combine these special abilities to your advantage.

Conquer the world

Your goal will be to master a vast wasteland with a lot of resources and benefits. Specifically, it will be divided into stages from easy to difficult and gradually increase the level. Each land will have a certain number of classes for you to complete. Each group is a newly designed battle location and has its style. There will be basic levels with more severe difficulty that you must pass. After completing one chapter, you will open the way to the next chapter. Keep moving forward until everything is ultimately yours. The enemy will indeed kneel before your ambition.

SURVPUNK mod apk

Vehicle upgrade

To facilitate combat, the warriors will use vehicles to move continuously. It’s also a place to live and train the best people to follow your method. It may sound strange, but this is a way of maintaining a prevalent life in this day and age. Upgrade your vehicle with existing resources to make it more modern. From there, increase the amount of HP and open up more warrior options.

Along with that, you can equip more powerful defensive devices. Defend your fortress from incoming enemies. Your growth will come with enhanced combat abilities.

SURVPUNK mod android

Against the mutants

Your opposing factions are full of influential and powerful intellectuals. They often use their technology to transform other creatures. Create extremely ferocious and dangerous mutant monsters. Among them were even the superiors leading the army. In wars, your army must have strong enough equipment and levels to repel attacks. Otherwise, when the bosses appear, they will use their unique abilities. Easily make it difficult for your army to withstand the crowd and aggression.

Let’s play SURVPUNK mod and find more exciting knowledge about combat units. They are yours and will always obey all orders even if it is to rush into danger that you have given.

How to Download & Install SURVPUNK MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited everything/Instant win) for Android


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