Senya and Oscar MOD APK 14.0 (God mode)

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NameSenya and Oscar APK
PublisherDenis Vasilev
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Senya and Oscar is a beautiful strategy adventure game developed by Denis Vasilev, extremely successful with similar games. With simple, consistent, and highly addictive gameplay. 2D graphics but very attractive, bright colors, and catchy music bring many exciting feelings. It comes with an engaging storyline that lasts from the beginning to the end of the journey. If you are a fan of light entertainment games that do not require too much skill, this is the game for you.

You must have heard a lot about the journeys of the knights. They will usually have an assistant to help them on their journey to rescue beauties or something. But in Senya and Oscar, it’s completely different. We will follow a knight who is a bit naive but kind, Senya. And his companion is a brilliant, agile, and strong cat. A person and a cat, how will they overcome difficulties and challenges?. Let’s find out the story of their exciting adventure.
Senya and Oscar mod

Download Senya and Oscar mod – Adventure of man and cat

Once upon a time, a princess was imprisoned by a monster at the top of a tower. The brave knight Senya, after receiving bad news, immediately sets out to rescue the beauty. On the way to save his princess, he met a particular farmer. He decided to exchange his armor for a shabby bag. Inside was Oscar, the cat, his companion he could trust. The two try together on a journey to rescue the princess. But on the way, there are many monsters. Can they overcome?

Senya and Oscar mod free

Simple gameplay, light

The entire battle process has been integrated into the algorithms by the developer. So Senya and Oscar do not require players to waste time overthinking. What you need to do in the battle is press the buttons of the available skills. But you will always have to observe and use them properly to optimize the amount of damage dealt. At the same time, control his blood volume appropriately not to die.

Senya and Oscar mod apk

A variety of equipment and weapons

Senya and Oscar own a considerable treasure of equipment for you to choose freely. The armor, sword, shield, shoes … etc., are critical factors affecting your fighting power. They are equally diverse and classified from average to legendary in terms of levels. To own them is also a long plowing process. But don’t worry because what they bring is worth the price you pay to hold them.

Senya and Oscar apk free

Power up your character

Senya and Oscar have their power stats such as attack, crit, or defense. In addition are the stats of each character’s unique skills. Every time you reach a certain strength threshold, you can upgrade them. This makes your character more potent, and the skills are also more diverse. From then on, overcoming powerful monsters was no longer a problem. This is also an essential, most important factor besides the equipment that affects the game.

Senya and Oscar android

The number of levels and monsters is vast and varied

The journey to rescue the princess is challenging and not an overnight thing. This process requires patience and courage to go to the end of the road. Many levels and no repetitions will help players have new experiences. Each class is built with different structures. Sometimes the player’s strength is not enough to pass the level. They will have to practice more with the previous levels to increase their strength. Once the necessary power threshold is reached, the groups will not be too complicated anymore.

Each level has different monsters with unique strengths and skills. They are incredibly diverse in appearance, fighting ability, and number. Every time you destroy them, you will receive gold coins to upgrade or buy new weapons. It would be best to destroy all the tiny monsters before you meet the mighty BOSS; the power is different. Just kill them; you will be considered to have passed the screen.

Senya and Oscar is a cute, gentle story about the adventures of the knights. The process of rescuing the princess is relatively arduous and challenging; can they complete it?. Download Senya and Oscar mod to join them on their journey to rescue the princess.

Download Senya and Oscar MOD APK (God mode) for Android

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