1942 Pacific Front Premium MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.7.5

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Name1942 Pacific Front Premium APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK 1942 Pacific Front Premium

1942 Pacific Front Premium MOD APK – is an opportunity for you to become a commander leading a mighty army. Fighting on new battlefields and things will make you feel highly attracted and unable to stop playing. Vast beaches, marches across oceans, fierce battlefields and storms of bullets will be things you will have to experience. Train your soldiers’ discipline and battle nerves through life-or-death clashes with the enemy. Give commands based on what’s happening on the battlefield. Deal as much damage to the enemy troops as possible, destroy their army and complete the missions.

This will be a tough battle as you will get acquainted with high-damage weapons such as bombs, torpedoes, heavy guns and explosive ammunition. Turn the battlefield into the grave of those who dare to oppose you, handle them with the tools you have at your disposal and make them live in fear. Command the forces arranged from afar to capture and make them no longer have a way to escape. Ensure there is certainty and continuity in logistics. Soldiers need a guarantee of everything from ammunition to personal needs to stay in top shape and fight for you.

1942 Pacific Front Premium mod apk free min

Download 1942 Pacific Front Premium MOD APK – War on the ocean between two mighty nations

It can be said that the Japanese fascists were a terror to all of Asia when they invaded a series of other countries with their terrifying military. They also have highly modern ship-building technology but are somewhat inferior to other powers due to a lack of resources. The events in the Pacific caused this country to suffer defeat before the United States. But it was only a fatal blow dealt to this country that weakened its navy. In the game, you will play as a supreme commander of the United States or Japan and fight with the other side to see which side will win.

1942 Pacific Front Premium mod free min

There is only one winner

Two sides will be involved in this excellent ocean war: the United States and Japan. The battle took place mainly in the Pacific theatre and on neighbouring islands. You can only choose to command one country in this war, but if you want to experience both countries, you can still try again when you have completed the game. The victory of a nation is significant for all humanity. The United States seems to be representing justice when destroying fascism, and Japan is the opposite because they can turn the situation around and win the war.

1942 Pacific Front Premium free min

Forces of war

Forces include infantry and navy because the battlefield mainly occurs on islands and seas. The Air Force will also be present when transported on heavy aircraft carriers and is responsible for supporting the attack with infantry. These forces will be armed according to their mission. The infantry will have guns and grenades to be able to attack flexibly. The warship will have cannons to provide fire support and artillery, making the enemy tremble. Each country will have different ways to equip its forces, but in general, each country will have such powers. The deciding factor is still your ingenuity in command.

1942 Pacific Front Premium mod min

Big campaigns

There will be campaigns such as landing from the sea, defending the attack, fighting ambush enemy strongholds, bombarding the battlefield and attacking. Those are the primary campaigns you must go through when becoming a commander-in-chief. You will be detailed to see what each plan needs to do and achieve what goals to make tactical plans from there. The army only needs to have an order from you, and they will immediately fight, command them to attack the critical points first or vice versa, and defend the essential bases with the most elite force.

1942 Pacific Front Premium mod apk min


In each war, the supply of ammunition and food is essential and plays a crucial role in victory. If you go to fight in a faraway place and there is no help coming from the rear, you must win quickly, or you will soon lose. The two countries in the game have the same military force as each other and choose the most reasonable campaigns possible. Become the supreme commander and win this war in 1942 Pacific Front Premium MOD APK.

How to Download & Install 1942 Pacific Front Premium MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android


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