Idle Daycare Tycoon MOD APK 7.1.85 (Unlimited money, rewards)

Updated on 21/01/2023 (1 week ago)
NameIdle Daycare Tycoon APK
PublisherGenI Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, rewards
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Build infrastructure to care for kids and get rich in Idle Daycare Tycoon. Taking care of children is difficult even though we were once children. Their childish nature makes them naughty and curious, messing with everything around them. You also don’t like them because the kids can ruin what you have in the room. But you can practice taking care of the kids by starting your own company. Each child will be gathered into the childcare facility and let you practice mindfulness. Set up a company to care for the children and raise them to be obedient.

Difficult children are always a headache for adults like us. They are curious about something, and they want to discover it by any means, even destructive. And this makes them not prioritize care by those around them because they are tired. But you are the one who chooses to take care of these children and learn about the small world. Children’s view of the world will clarify what is on their minds. The more you interact with the children, the more you will find them to be carefree and lovely ages. So take care of the kids in your care and befriend the little ones.

Idle Daycare Tycoon android

Download Idle Daycare Tycoon mod – Challenge to take care of the kids

No one wants to take care of children because they are considered very naughty and difficult to please. But you believe children are not because they are always curious about the world around them. Once you’re friends with kids, a whole different world opens up. The actions each child takes make sense, and you’ll soon find out. You decide to open a childcare facility and start accepting the first children. All the work of looking after the children has been entrusted to you by their parents. So take on the challenge of building a hotel building and caring for the kids safely.

Idle Daycare Tycoon apk

Special hotel

You have also started your business in a city, but the service is different. Your hotel is built solidly but is a place to welcome special guests. They are babies who are still young and are brought into the hotel for you to take care of everything. It sounds like a nanny, but you want to be closer to the kids. You’ve heard that caring for them isn’t easy, but you haven’t experienced it yet. Deciding to take care of the kids at this hotel can change your mind. You are running hotel operations specifically for young customers like children.

Idle Daycare Tycoon mod apk

Taking care of young customers

The kids brought to your hotel are all young people like your target. You build a unique hotel for the kids and serve them all. You will run children’s activities and even a health service. Your hotel is made to give your children the best care. And you also get to know young friends right in your hotel. Building play areas for children is essential because they are very active. Make friends with customers who are children and take care of the children in the best way.

Idle Daycare Tycoon free

Hotel service

Your hotel is built to take care of children and must have the right services. This place will be filled with children’s laughter if you create play areas for them. This also helps them gain new friends in addition to the hotel operator they are. The children also need to eat nutritious meals in the unique hotel kitchen. They are still small, and your meals will help each child grow to their full potential together. If they are tired after playing, take them to the children’s bedroom. Use the hotel’s services to care for each child you feel is the loveliest.

Idle Daycare Tycoon mod

A unique hotel for children built by you to take care of them. This is a place where the hotel’s services are tailored to each child. They can play together in the play area you build or eat in the kitchen. You’ll also help them get a good night’s sleep in the bedroom next to you for easy monitoring. When dealing with the children in your hotel, you will find it not challenging to take care of them. As long as you are patient and gentle enough, you will understand the world of children. Download Idle Daycare Tycoon mod to learn how to take care of children and build as many hotels for them as possible.

Download Idle Daycare Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited money, rewards) for Android

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