Raid Royal MOD APK 1.0.52 (Unlimited money)

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NameRaid Royal APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

2. Unlimited Crystal
3. Enemy won’t Move
4. Faster Move Speed
5. No Tower Upgrade Cost ( During battle, sell price is affected so you can disable before selling )
6. Unlocked All Heroes
7. Unlocked All Towers

Become the leader in the game Raid Royal against the onslaught of monsters. They emerge from the shadows and aim to destroy everything, including the kingdom you inhabit. You will be a construction commander to attack the enemy, ensuring the safety of you and the kingdom. Prevent that from happening by building defensive towers to destroy enemies. The towers need to be placed in the proper position for you to receive great power in turn. Increase the power of the towers by earning money and doing everything to stop the enemy. Ready to repel all enemies in attacks with the power of your towers.

Your kingdom is threatened by giants emerging from the shadows. To stop them from coming toward you, you need to have a defense against the giant monsters. The monsters will move continuously, and you can place each tower to block. Towers will help destroy enemies and reduce the risk of you, and your kingdom being attacked. On each tower is a source of power from heroes across the domain who voluntarily attack. They are courageous people who want to protect the place where they and you live together under your command. Build towers with the help of heroes to make defending easy.

Raid Royal mod

Download Raid Royal mod – Build defense against monsters

Dark enemies have appeared and marched on your kingdom and its people. They will not give in to anyone because the goal of destroying your domain comes first. A world full of magic and brave warriors are in danger of destruction. You must stand up and build defenses against the wars with all the monsters. Your hero force must be distributed in the towers to prepare for any attack. The resources from slaying monsters will give you and the heroes more motivation to fight. Victory over the enemy will be the goal of the whole kingdom with the hero defense system.

Raid Royal free

Monster defenses

Monster defenses need to be built by you to protect the safety of the kingdom. The kingdom’s heroes will climb each tower and use their talents to stop monsters. The towers you build must match the hero’s abilities to increase their strength. You’ll need a plan of attack to use in battle to keep your heroes on the defensive. Each tower will also have different stats and functions to support combat. Learn the function of each tower to build an effective defense against monsters. Stop the monsters from your kingdom and repel their barrage of attacks.

Raid Royal apk

Hero on the tower

The towers that block the monsters in your system will have a hero defending. You can find their best position in your defense based on their abilities. Continually defend against attacks from demons and make the most of your mage or warrior’s abilities. Based on the hero’s ability to protect and devise defensive tactics against monsters. Improve your fighting skills by increasing the hero’s power on the tower in each battle. Turn towers with heroes invincible against monsters fighting for the kingdom. Repel all attacks from the strongest monsters with heroes with the most excellent ease.

Raid Royal android

Power comes from the defense tower

You can improve your hero’s towers or build new ones. Bounties from towers allow you to develop defenses for your purposes. Monsters will move along the trail, and you must create a defense tower next to them. When the monsters go through the defense system, it’s time to test your hero’s strength. You will also receive help from reinforcements from the kingdom to defend against monsters. Fight their rise and keep your kingdom brothers safe. Get ready to face the enemies and fight them on the towers of heroes.

Raid Royal mod apk

The appearance of dark monsters threatens your and the kingdom’s safety. It would be best if you stood up to protect your place with brave heroes from the kingdom. They are ready to follow your plan, and you must build towers to defend against enemies. You can choose heroes on the tower to protect your way to the kingdom. Your strength is the power of the defensive towers you build. Upgrade towers to be able to resist the onslaught of monsters. Download Raid Royal mod to fight monsters thanks to the defense system you built.

Download Raid Royal MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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