Summoner’s Greed MOD APK (Unlimited all/God mode, onehit) 1.76.8

Updated 18/06/2024 (14 hours ago)
NameSummoner’s Greed APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited all/God mode, onehit
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Summoner’s Greed MOD APK detail?
  • V1 Menu
  1. God Mode
  2. One Hit Kill
  3. Unlocked Skills
  4. Skills without CD
  5. Unlimited Gold Coins
  6. Unlimited Diamonds
  7. Unlimited Orbs
  8. Unlimited Power Stones
  • V2: Unlimited Money

Introduce MOD APK Summoner’s Greed

There have been many hero games in the journey to destroy monsters and bring peace to the world. So what if there is a game with completely opposite content? I mean Summoner’s Greed MOD APK (Unlimited all/God mode, onehit). It a very special game ever. Because instead of playing a hero, you will be on the evil monster side. With the mission of destroying all human heroes and their bosses. Designed as a gamer to repel attacks from enemies. Dare to fish just heard it will make you very excited.

Summoner’s Greed APK 1.76.8 can be called a fighting game against the human side. Because in its true sense, you will summon special monsters to destroy the human army. The main character is you who broke into a king’s castle and stole his treasure. Not long after joy came, the king ordered a full-scale attack. With the aim at all costs to get back the treasure from our side. Of course, you won’t let that happen, and so the game begins.

Summoners Greed mod

Download Summoner’s Greed APK mod – When the hero plays the evil

The location where the game takes place is in many different lands with different terrains. But the thing in common is that there are 3 rows with the same path from the starting point to the treasure kept. Exactly the enemy – the heroes will start from the starting point. Go to the treasure chest to recapture it. However, they will have to really struggle when the fortresses appear. It is our powerful monsters in the way. You are given the choice of location and place a monster in that position before the battle starts. They will attack heroes who step by step to where the treasure is being held.

The enemy is dangerous in that they are humans. So thinking is also very smart and ingenious. In addition to a few barbarians with low health. The human faction also has many powerful elite warriors such as woodcutters, wizards, or imperial knights. They are incredibly durable. You can even attack and destroy your fortress. So please be very careful and careful when they appear. Implement smart strategies to prevent humans from getting their hands on treasure.

Summoners Greed mod apk

Strong army of monsters

The enemy army is diverse and powerful. But your troops are not inferior. Your monster watchtower system comes in all kinds from normal to super rare. By several summoning, times are quite expensive, but it is worth it. You will own a monster for yourself with a variety of skills and power. There are species that can spitfires to burn enemies, freeze to slow things or create vibrations that destroy everything. The number and quality of monsters are always increasing in Summoner’s Greed MOD APK. What’s more, you can evolve them into a more advanced form. Then a monster can also wipe out an army of the elite.

Summoners Greed mod apk free

Use and upgrade spells

When the humans were too dense and couldn’t handle them easily. Monster towers can not be resisted or you cannot afford to upgrade them. Prioritize spells that can be used in emergencies. For example, there is a man who crossed the ranks of your watchtower to reach the treasure. Send a bolt of lightning from the sky and burn him down. Or fireball to spread the sphere of influence. Ice is the same, but with the effect of slowing down the enemy. You need to learn their function and how to use them. In order to create unexpected upstream phases in every battle. Escape from the critical situations with crowds of soldiers or giant bosses.

Summoners Greed mod free

Tactically compare with the opponent

If battles with hordes of people are controlled by machines not to satisfy you. Try your hand with the match mode, the arena with other players. A real player will have superior skills. Of course, it will be much more difficult to predict than their moves. Because they are not programmed in any order. This will be a battle between 2 people with 2 different brains. Completely different from a one-way battle of humans and machines. Here the tricks will happen a lot. You must have a cool head with smart tactics. Beat your opponents and climb up the rankings of the strongest.

Summoners Greed mod mod

Gamers in the present time appear more and more. With the same gameplay and context, it can be quite boring. So try Summoner’s Greed to experience a game of the same genre with a completely new look and style. Surely more or less will attract you, and please share it with your friends to play anywhere at all times. Letting people know about many exciting games will help bring it all together. Create a crowded and healthy community. Download Summoner’s Greed mod to make that happen.

How to Download & Install Summoner’s Greed MOD APK (Unlimited all/God mode, onehit) for Android


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