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Updated 11/06/2023 (4 months ago)
NameGlobal War Simulation PREMIUM APK
PublisherMH Strategy War Games
Versionv32 PREMIUM
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce Global War Simulation PREMIUM MOD APK

If a war is desired, Global War Simulation PREMIUM will respond efficiently. Allows you to become a supreme ruler with all power in your hands. Build an empire with strong class development and full of the best elements. Use your thinking and strategy to make your enemies fall. Solve all problems in the way that feels most reasonable. Ambition on the battlefield will bring you to the pinnacle of victory.

Global War Simulation PREMIUM is the most advanced version of the Global War Simulation series of games. It will bring together all the best elements, and strategy games series have. It attracts players by thinking and interacting in a simulated way. Don’t have to join the battlefield, don’t have to fight any enemies. Just sitting at the strategic center, you can run everything. The numbers and strategy are the most important in every event.

Global War Simulation PREMIUM mod

Download Global War Simulation PREMIUM mod – Lead your army to glory

The first thing to do is choose the faction you will serve. Then, as a supreme commander, you will have many resources available as capital. Use these resources to invest in mining, crafting weapons, and recruiting soldiers. It would be best if you calculated how to use resources most efficiently. After obtaining the necessary and sufficient conditions, let’s start participating on the battlefield. Deploy your units to different battles. If you win, you will get an advantage and a bit of loot. It is advisable to avoid as many casualties as possible because it will affect many.

Each country will have its strengths, and you will benefit from them. It can be a lot of resources, troops, or a significant economic condition. This choice is also quite important the strategy you want to follow. Please read the description carefully to get the best view.

Global War Simulation PREMIUM mod free

Secret centers

In addition to running things openly, you can also open secret hubs. These centers would include intelligence bureaus, weapons research labs, or production depots. The corners can be used to send intelligence agents everywhere. From there, get important top secret information about your opponents. The laboratories will be a place for you to research new and more modern weapons. Finally, the secret arsenal to supply the army. Working in secrecy will give you an unexpected advantage. From there, dominate the economic politics and strengthen your position on the significant battlefields.

Global War Simulation PREMIUM mod apk

Defeat the enemy

Do you want to attack a rival country? So go ahead and implement your intentions right away. Land operations are the best and most effective option. It will cause the enemy to work hard to prevent and protect what belongs to them. Thereby gradually consuming their forces as well as resources. If you excel in those areas, victory will only be a matter of time. When you completely overwhelm the enemy, you will easily enslave the whole country. Conquer the entire world by making all countries surrender. Prove that you will be stronger than the Nazis can do.

Global War Simulation PREMIUM mod apk free

Economic development

In war, the economy plays a big part in maintaining your army. Therefore, it is necessary to take specific measures to sustain capital sources. Invest in industries where you can reap huge profits. Transactions everywhere also bring a lot of benefits to you. Carry out technological research to boost production and develop the country. When things are going great, you can apply any tax rate to the people. It is possible to associate with other countries to support their development peacefully. Don’t pass up any excellent opportunity if you don’t want to be at a disadvantage.

Global War Simulation PREMIUM mod android

Other activities

Newspapers and organizations will be essential tools for you to maintain the country’s stability. Take control of all news to ensure security everywhere. Don’t make the world condemn your actions that go against your morals. Organize significant sporting events like the Olympics for everyone to participate in. Promote tourism and trade from these events to get more money. Arranging police force to ensure the safety of people. Launch satellites into space for easy control and exploration. Build the country you think is the strongest in the Global War Simulation PREMIUM mod.

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