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MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK

If you want a game that can help you relieve stress and have fun with friends, should be mentioned first. For those who don’t like long games but play whenever they want. is the battlefield of the characters in Among Us. With a giant hammer in hand, your task is to destroy all enemies around. How to become the strongest and biggest in battle. An exciting and dramatic fight, moreover, many funny moments are waiting for you. Do not miss any winning stages in the game.

Although not inspired or any gameplay from the game that was once world-famous. takes the interesting designs of the Imposter and Crewmate characters from Among Us to make the game’s characters. This will make everyone feel the humor and fun of each match. Next is a task that is not difficult but requires the player’s intelligence. Defeat all the other players to become bigger than ever. Be the only survivor in this cramped place. mod

Download mod – The War of Astronauts with Hammers

The entire game is just encapsulated in a circular area with colorful colors. You and other players will be summoned there to fight together. The main and only weapon you can use is just a big hammer. Use it to hit anyone multiple times. Until you kill them, you will be slightly increased in size and strength. The more enemies you kill, the bigger and stronger you will become. However, you will also have to fend off attacks from other players. At some point, all will become extremely strong to confront each other to find the winner directly.

There is no time limit on battles in The battle can only end when only one player remains on the field. Then your task must be to destroy all the remaining players. It sounds pretty impossible, but there are support things to help you do it. Smash other enemies without being hit by them. The battles of the game will lead to a lot of interesting and funny situations. Make the most of your mindset to win the narrow arena. mod free

Quick Play Stages

Because there is no time limit, each level will have a fairly short time. Almost from the start of the battle to finding the winner will take no more than 10 minutes. That’s why is always chosen as a quick and effective entertainment product. You can play anytime and anywhere at your leisure. Spend a few minutes fighting with many other players and try to win. The quick and fun nature also makes it possible for people to play repeatedly without getting bored. Therefore, this game is very suitable for free friends. Want to find something new to challenge each other. mod apk

Destroy everything around

It won’t be just you, and the opponents are the only things we can smash and fight. Around the stage, there will be many decorated items depending on the color of the stage of each level. You might think they’re useless at first. But when you hit it with a hammer, you will find it interesting. You will get any power to run faster, increase hammer size, increase strength… Of course, it’s not just you, and anyone can own the power. Make the matches a lot more chaotic and interesting. Sometimes you will use it as a spectacular comeback if someone is chasing you. mod apk free

Change appearance in combat

You don’t want the default to look like red, and then you can change to a different color or even a new look. After each battle, you will be rewarded with a certain amount based on your rank. And if you are the winner, the amount you get is always the highest. Use that money to buy more different new skins in the match. You can’t use coins to make yourself stronger because that doesn’t make sense in All can only change their appearance. Victory will be determined by your unique thinking and playing style. free

Just a little game for fun. But is still popular with many gamers in particular. It is because of the fast and interesting nature that it makes it attractive to many players. If you haven’t tried it yet, download it now to immerse yourself in exciting hammer battles with friends in mod.

How to Download & Install MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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